Wilson Power transformers win IEMA sustainability award

Wilson Power IEMA AWARDS 2019

The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) launched Sustainability Impact Awards to recognise businesses and individuals with a prominent sustainability impact.

Wilson Power Solutions received the award for the New Product, Service or Technology category. The award came as recognition of Wilson e2 Super Low-Loss transformers that have been in the market for over 10 years now. Wilson Power’s amorphous transformers addressed the losses problem to reduce carbon emissions. 

Ayah Alfawaris from Wilson Power said “we are proud that our transformers got recognised for the carbon reduction and energy savings they offer. This is an often-overlooked area of energy efficiency that we addressed through R&D. Universities, NHS hospitals, Retailers and Manufacturers are some sectors we focus on to push for this carbon reduction route.”

IEMA judge’s comment on Wilson’s application was “This product has made a real difference in practice in the often-overlooked area of energy efficiency, and within this area, the equally overlooked technology of transformers. It demonstrates innovative thinking – innovation which is continuing to be developed in the e3 model.”

Leeds-based manufacturer was named amongst 19 winners out of 106 total shortlisted organisations and individuals. Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Arriva, University of Manchester, and Environment Agency are some of the winners alongside Wilson Power.

Over 1000 Wilson e2 Super Low-Loss amorphous transformers are installed around the UK. These transformers help organisations reduce their energy waste through improved transformer losses. This is very instrumental for organisations with strict carbon reduction targets. Wilson amorphous transformers can save organisations on average more than 500 tons of CO2 emissions when they replace old energy-guzzling transformers.

Wilson Power has recently launched recently Wilson e3 Ultra Low-Loss Amorphous Transformer. It far exceeds EU Eco-Design (Tier 2) specifications that are due to come in force in 2021 and sets ambitious standards for Tier 3. 

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