Why bother about energy efficiency?

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Most businesses could use a lot less energy. Experience shows that even low and no-cost actions can usually reduce energy costs by at least 10% and produce quick returns.

“A 20% cut in energy costs represents the same as a 5% increase in many businesses’ bottom line.”

EMEX was created by energy users for UK businesses to reduce energy consumption and cut energy costs.

Why bother about energy efficiency?

Energy is a significant cost to any business. According recent survey, 87% of businesses reported an increase in energy costs in 2013. And yet, this is an area often overlooked by businesses because they “don’t know who to go to, or where to go, to get the right information.”

The energy bill of a typical office-based company could be 65% higher than that of an equivalent energy efficient office.

Put energy efficiency on the top of your list.

The day-to-day pressures of running a business means that energy efficiency comes low down the priority list. Time seems to be the biggest issue for most businesses.

You want to do something but there’s other things you need to do more urgently … changing electricity tariffs takes time, to sit down and go through it, ring companies, get quotes.”

EMEX helps you to fast-track your energy saving projects.

EMEX was created by energy users from small and large businesses in the UK to identify measures where energy and cost savings can be quickly and easily made with little or no cost.

Save time to source, discuss and implement energy cost saving measures at EMEX.
You can meet with the entire energy supply chain across 2 days under one roof.

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