What is Driving the Evolution of Energy Management in the UK?

Phil Gilbert Director of Energy Solutions E.ONWe launched in association with E.ON one of the most comprehensive research projects to look at how energy efficiency is managed in British businesses.

We especially focused on any disconnect between operational teams and their board and how this might result in missed opportunity.

Almost half of senior executives donít actually know what their business spends (on energy). We work with the energy decision makers in thousands of companies to help reduce their costs and develop greater self-sufficiency and resilience.”
Phil Gilbert, Director of Energy Solutions, E.ON. 

Energy is one of the most significant costs for a business and reducing it by just a few percentage points can have a significant impact on profits.

Our snapshot here shows:

88% of businesses now actively discuss and review energy efficiency. In over two thirds of cases, this is managed by a specific operational department within the business that is normally within two or three levels of hierarchy from the board.

Over 70% of our respondents reported having quantitative targets and benchmarks and decision making processes that could approve projects within 3 months in the majority of cases. The most popular projects being considered included implementing Metering and Monitoring Systems, Lighting Solutions, BEMS, HVAC, DSR and On-site Storage. However, the top five reasons for projects failing to take place are:

  1. Lack of funds, incentive or ROI
  2. Lack of CAPEX
  3. Inability to build a business case
  4. Organisational structure
  5. Corporate apathy

To really get an insight into the current market trends and implementation processes, it’s necessary to review the full report but for a number of the potential project areas, such as DSR, Lighting, Solar, Storage, CHP, BEMS and EV, we have invaluable insights into perceived opportunities and risks of adoption, as well as the decision process and obstacles that need to be overcome.

Quite simply, business cannot afford to ignore energy and carbon reduction any longer ñ the financial and risk implications are too great.
Lord Redesdale, CEO, Energy Managers Association.

The report will be previewed at EMEX with Lord Redesdale, CEO, Energy Managers Association and Phil Gilbert, Director of Energy Solutions, E.ON leading a panel discussion for all attendees. This will be followed by a round table that hopes to produce tangible actions that can support energy decision makers in presenting their projects and gaining approval.

The survey results was discussed at EMEX on Wednesday 22 November at 12:20-12:50 – ‘What is Driving Energy Efficiency in the UK?’ in the Water and Energy Strategy theatre.

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