WEBINAR: Safely Reopening Building Water Systems after prolonged COVID-19 lockdown.



Was Recorded
On Wednesday 13 May
at 11 am (GMT) with

Lord Redesdale

Lord Rupert Redesdale
CEO, the Energy Managers Association

Jacob Tompkins OBE

Jacob Tompkins
Co-Founder & CTO of The Water Retail Company, former Managing Director of Waterwise.

Warnings over risk of Lockdown Legionella

Unused water systems risk Legionella formation – and Legionnaire’s Disease has similar symptoms to Covid-19

The sudden and sweeping closures of schools, factories, businesses and government offices have created an unprecedented decline in water use.

The lack of chlorinated water flowing through pipes, combined with irregular temperature changes, have created conditions ripe for the bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease and other diseases associated with water.

Right now, very few companies are thinking through how water systems factor into their continuity and reopening efforts. They’ve never had to deal with such low occupancy.

Public health experts are urging building owners/managers to carefully re-open buildings to prevent outbreaks of the severe, sometimes lethal, form of pneumonia.

The Health and Safety at Work Act still applies in the current situation and as such an employer or those in control of premises must continue to manage any risk arising from their activity and this includes legionella control.

A 40-minute webinar with Q&A to get up to speed with:

  • Risks and responsibilities for employers, building owners, building managers and other duty holders.
  • Actions that building owners/managers should take now and prior to returning buildings to full service to reduce hazardous conditions for workers.

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