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The role of energy and carbon mangers is becoming more strategic with skills expanding into stakeholder engagement and investment. The theatre covers a vast range of energy and carbon management strategies and experiences across various sectors, arming you with knowledge and skills to build a robust business case for the investment in energy efficiency measures, operational and embodied carbon offsetting projects.

Speakers include:

Sam Gill, Sylvera Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Co-Founder & COO
Andrew Baker, Woodland Carbon Markets Advisor at Scottish Forestry
UK Woodland Carbon Markets Advisor
Scottish Forestry
John Dora, Director, Technical Lead at Climate Sense
Director, Technical lead
Climate Sense
Shane Betts, Head of Corporate Accounts, Integral UK (a JLL Company)
Head of Corporate Accounts
Integral UK (a JLL Company)


Wednesday 24th November 2021  |  Download Agenda

11:00 -  11:50  | FREE to attend, register now

Building Skills, Creating a Net Zero Ready Workforce

Alongside the transition to a low-carbon economy, there are powerful trends at play that will reshape the skills needed for businesses today and create labour shortage in the very near future. There is also a need to involve every single part of your business to transition together. This means that converting organisation’s climate strategy into an engaging ambition that colleagues […]

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Amanda Scott, Managing Director at Willis Towers WatsonAmanda Scott Managing Director
Willis Towers Watson
Dave Armstrong Managing Director Great Minds Property GroupDave Armstrong Managing Director
Great Minds Property Group
Scott ArmstrongScott Armstrong Chief Operating Office
Planet Mark
12:00 -  12:50  | FREE to attend, register now

Transitioning to Net Zero Infrastructure

The Infrastructure Carbon Review was published in November 2013 with the call to action ‘cut carbon, save cost’. Height years on, and with the UK government committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, progress have been good but not fast enough. Carbon is a good proxy for resource efficiency. Extraction and processing of resources and their subsequent use in construction consumes […]

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David Riley Head of Carbon Neutrality Anglian WaterDavid Riley Head of Carbon Neutrality
Anglian Water
Maria Manidaki Mott MacDonaldMaria Manidaki Technical Principal Net Zero / Principal Water Investment Planning Advisor
Mott MacDonald
13:00 -  13:50  | FREE to attend, register now

Industrial Decarbonisation & Transformational path to Net Zero

Society of Operation Engineers will host a panel discussion with experts from Atlas Copco, bp and Tarmac, chaired by William Dalrymple, editor of Operations Engineer magazine. The panel will argue that decarbonising industry is among the most difficult challenges of the net zero transition that requires an openness to change and the courage to do things differently. The session will […]

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Alexander Pavlov General Manager
Atlas Copco Compressors UK & Ireland
Steve Rees Production Team Leader bpSteve Rees Production Team Leader
William DalrympleWilliam Dalrymple Editor
Operations Engineer Magazine
14:00 -  14:50  | FREE to attend, register now

Energy Managers for the future

Organisations and their leadership teams know they need to act on the climate emergency and several have set ambitious and stretching targets for decarbonisation. However not many have specific actionable plans for deliver decarbonisation and there is a leadership vacuum to drive this. Given decarbonisation is largely a engineering and technology challenge, energy manager have a once in a generation […]

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Amy Blackwell Sustainability and Environment Manager Aston Manor CiderAmy Blackwell Sustainability and Environment Manager
Aston Manor Cider
Beatriz Valdes, Networks Energy Manager at Vodafone UKBeatriz Valdes Networks Energy Manager
Vodafone UK
Ian Beynon Head of Energy at Royal MailIan Beynon Head of Energy
Royal Mail Property & Facilities Solutions
Pradyumna PanditPradyumna Pandit Managing Director, Sustainability and Energy Services
15:00 -  16:10  | FREE to attend, register now

Key Principles and Practical Approach to Carbon Offsetting

Over the past decade, carbon offsetting has become increasingly popular, but it has also become – for a mixture reasons – increasingly controversial. There is also a degree of confusion as to where is the right time and place to deploy a carbon offsetting strategy as part of the armoury of tools on the journey to decarbonisation. At present, carbon […]

More details
Andrew Baker, Woodland Carbon Markets Advisor at Scottish ForestryAndrew Baker UK Woodland Carbon Markets Advisor
Scottish Forestry
Ben Burggraaf - Head of Energy Dŵr Cymru Welsh WaterBen Burggraaf Head of Energy
Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water
Mike TournierMike Tournier Carbon Reduction SME

Thursday 25th November 2021  |  Download Agenda

10:10 -  10:50  | FREE to attend, register now

Zero CAPEX Solutions – 4 Rapid-fire presentations

4  solution providers showcasing a broad range of low carbon and energy efficient solutions and services. A unique opportunity to fast explore new technology, systems and services available right now. 10:10 – 10:20 Hark – Sainsbury’s Case Study. Revolutionising Retail – The power of real-time energy visibility for large estates – 24,000 assets, 600+ sites, 100,000 sensors. 10:20 – 10:30 ZTP – An […]

More details
Joe Hurst, Director at HarkJoe Hurst Director
Joe Warren Director ZTPJoe Warren Co-Founder and Director
Phil Telfer, Co-Founder of ClearSky LogicPhil Telfer Co-Founder and CTO
ClearSky Logic
Tom Anderson, CEO of Grid EdgeTom Anderson CEO
Grid Edge
10:11 -  10:20  | FREE to attend, register now

Sainsbury’s Case Study. Revolutionising retail – The power of real-time energy visibility for large estates – 24,000 assets, 600+ sites, 100,000 sensors.

Since 2018 we’ve been building a relationship with Sainsbury’s, a major UK retailer who have over 1,400 locations across the country and over 20 million customer transactions per week. Sainsbury’s contacted our team with a specific goal in mind: to gain and increase visibility and control of assets within their estate with regards to their energy usage.

More details
Joe Hurst, Director at HarkJoe Hurst Director
11:00 -  11:50  | FREE to attend, register now

The Carbon Cost of Water in Reaching Net Zero

Whilst the role of water efficiency in helping us adapt to climate change and changes in future water availability is relatively well understood, the contribution that reducing water consumption can make to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, mitigating further climate change and reaching Net Zero is often overlooked. Do you know how much carbon emissions are associated with your water consumption? […]

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laura white projects and research manager waterwiseLaura White Projects and Research Manager
Lord Rupert RedesdaleLord Rupert Redesdale Chair
EMEX Conference
12:00 -  12:50  | FREE to attend, register now

Question Time: Should the energy retail sector be nationalised?

The Government has now clearly moved to nationalising the energy retail sector, through managing Bulb, via OFGEM special measures. Bulb was an excellent, well run company that was destroyed by the ill thought out price cap, imposed by OFGEM, to meet the Government’s political objectives of cheap energy, regardless of underlying costs. The failure to find another retailer to take […]

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Lord Jonny OatesLord Jonny Oates Lords Spokesperson on Energy and Climate Change
Liberal Democrat
Lord Larry WhittyLord Larry Whitty Member of the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments
Lord Rupert RedesdaleLord Rupert Redesdale Chair
EMEX Conference
13:00 -  13:50  | FREE to attend, register now

Project Green Rhino and the Army’s Preparations in the Race to Net Zero

The Army’s 1 UK Division, headquartered at Imphal Barracks in York recently launched ‘Project Green Rhino’, it’s a portfolio of sustainability initiatives that challenges commanding officers and their military and civilian staff to work together and put environmental sustainability at the heart of unit business. With over 32,000 personnel, 9 brigades and 89 separate establishments, Green Rhino will be the […]

More details
Captain Nigel WilliamsCaptain Nigel Williams Safety and Environmental Adviser
Major Peter CornishMajor Peter Cornish Sustainability Lead 1st (UK) Division
14:00 -  15:00  | FREE to attend, register now

Net Zero, Business Leaders and Consumers Trends

Is climate change an important issue for consumers and business leaders? Reaching net zero – awareness, attitudes and tensions? How can professionals activate behaviour change within but also outside their organisation? Jim Needell to discuss attitudes, trends and tensions – views from the public and business leaders on sustainability and the gap between what people say and what they do, including […]

More details
Jim Needell – Chief Client Officer, Ipsos MORIJim Needell Chief Client Officer
Ipsos MORI
Lucy Shea, CEO of FuterraLucy Shea CEO

Wednesday 23rd November 2022  |  Download Agenda

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