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The role of energy and carbon mangers is becoming more strategic with skills expanding into stakeholder engagement and investment. The theatre covers a vast range of topics that will ensure your business is fully compliant whilst improving energy efficiency, cutting carbon emissions and saving money.

2022 Speakers include:

Ben Rattenbury, VP Policy at Sylvera
VP Policy
Shane Betts, Head of Corporate Accounts, Integral UK (a JLL Company)
Head of Corporate Accounts
Integral UK (a JLL Company)
Andrew Baker, Woodland Carbon Markets Advisor at Scottish Forestry
UK Woodland Carbon Markets Advisor
Scottish Forestry
Matteo Deidda
Senior Sustainability Manager
Lloyds Banking Group plc


Wednesday 23rd November 2022  |  Download Agenda

10:30 -  10:55  | FREE to attend, register now

How The Jockey Club clears energy saving hurdles with Stark

The Jockey Club leads the way turning energy data into actionable energy saving opportunities. Join to hear how they do this, their challenges and solutions. Get an insight into the secrets of a sustainability driven culture.

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Kirstin McEvoyKirstin McEvoy Sustainability & Corporate Social Values Manager
The Jockey Club
11:00 -  11:25  | FREE to attend, register now

Using Big Data to facilitate an Energy Manager’s role

Utilising big data has the ability to unlock energy efficiency measures and changes in the way we operate that weren’t previously possible. In the presentation we will explore the some of the challenges Energy teams are facing that have already covered significant energy optimisation projects and how companies like Vodafone which generate a lot of data can now use to […]

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James Butterworth, Energy Manager at Vodafone UKJames Butterworth Network Energy Specialist
Vodafone UK
11:30 -  11:55  | FREE to attend, register now

Home Working Emissions

Work from home has become the new normal since the outbreak of the pandemic. Organisations experience an increasing number of employees working remotely, leading companies to measure their offices’ carbon footprint and work from home’s environmental impact. Is remote working better for the Environment? How do you calculate the carbon footprint of home working? Once you know, what’s next?

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Darren Sear, Global Head of Engineering, Energy and Environment at Standard Chartered BankDarren Sear Global Head of Engineering, Energy and Environment
Standard Chartered Bank
Matteo DeiddaMatteo Deidda Senior Sustainability Manager
Lloyds Banking Group plc
12:00 -  12:50  | FREE to attend, register now

Question Time : where is the way out of UK’s energy crisis?

In time of crises, our panellists will make an attempt to bring clarity in chaos in a constructive and engaging debate.

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Lord Larry WhittyLord Larry Whitty Member of the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments
Robin TeversonLord Robin Teverson Lords Spokesperson on Energy and Climate Change
Liberal Democrat
Lord Rupert RedesdaleLord Rupert Redesdale Chair
EMEX Conference
13:00 -  13:25  | FREE to attend, register now

Carbon journey to net zero

The UK’s Net Zero Policy sets the scene for an organisation’s challenges ahead in meeting carbon net zero to avert the worst-case climate impacts. A journey to net zero needs to ensure that an accurate and reliable greenhouse gas inventory or footprint is established and forms the basis for emission reduction and management. No matter what stage of the carbon […]

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Elliott MichelElliott Michel Data Analyst
Murray Sayce, Global Head - Sustainability Assurance Services at BSIMurray Sayce Global Head - Sustainability Assurance Services
13:30 -  13:55  | FREE to attend, register now

The importance of partnership in the Decarbonisation Journey

Paul Burnett (Asset+/Johnson Controls) will provide an insight into how Asset+ created a team culture of openness and collaboration across London Borough of Hounslow. The partnership was formed via the ReFit framework over 5 years ago to initially deliver an energy performance contract across 3 schools and has culminated in over £25M of projects saving over 3,500 tonnes of CO2. […]

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Paul BurnettPaul Burnett Co-Founder
Asset Plus
14:00 -  14:50  | FREE to attend, register now

Building an Energy Management Team and Strategy

Gone are the days when the organisation energy manager could work alone. Today, energy conservation is the work of everyone. For many organisations, or communities, energy management requires a cooperative team incorporating many different disciplines to create positive changes across all departments. The purpose and key benefit of forming an energy management team is to engage the various departments or work units […]

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Catherine WheatleyCatherine Wheatley Head of Energy Services
Mitie Energy
Ethan O'BrienEthan O'Brien Group Energy Manager
Klöckner Pentaplast
Lee Lacey, Facility Director at ExCeL LondonLee Lacey Facility Director
ExCeL London
Suki GillilandSuki Gilliland Senior Energy Manager
Vodafone UK
15:00 -  16:20  | FREE to attend, register now

High Quality Carbon Credits and Corporate Net Zero Strategies

Carbon credits are not a new concept although are arguably gaining more attention as more entities adopt net-zero targets and are looking at portfolio emissions and ways to reduce them – as well as the growing focus on establishing robust infrastructures to reduce some of the unknowns. Carbon credits are seen by many as a ‘last resort’ but a useful […]

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Andrea AbrahamsAndrea Abrahams Managing Director
International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA)
Andrew Baker, Woodland Carbon Markets Advisor at Scottish ForestryAndrew Baker UK Woodland Carbon Markets Advisor
Scottish Forestry
Ben Rattenbury, VP Policy at SylveraBen Rattenbury VP Policy
Emma Watson, Head of Standards at CDP SBTiiEmma Watson Head of Standards
Science Based Targets initiative
Maria Carvalho, Head of Climate Economics and Data at Natwest GroupMaria Carvalho Head of Climate Economics and Data
NatWest Group

Thursday 24th November 2022  |  Download Agenda

10:00 -  10:50  | FREE to attend, register now

Net Zero Solutions – 5 Rapid-fire presentations

5  solution providers showcasing a broad range of low carbon and energy efficient solutions and services. A unique opportunity to fast explore new technology, systems and services available right now.

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Duncan ClubbDuncan Clubb Head of Digital Infrastructure Advisory
John WalshJohn Walsh Sales Director
Jordan CollinsJordan Collins SDR Manager, EMEA
Paul ReynoldsPaul Reynolds CEO
FSD Active Ltd
10:00 -  10:10  | FREE to attend, register now
Jamie Robertson CEO
Invisible Systems
10:10 -  10:20  | FREE to attend, register now

Data centre technologies that can reduce energy consumption

Data centres are responsible for up to 4% of the world’s energy consumption, and that will only grow as the Internet and the cloud expands. There are several new technologies that can significantly reduce data centre energy consumption, but which are best? This talk looks at the best options.

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Duncan ClubbDuncan Clubb Head of Digital Infrastructure Advisory
10:20 -  10:30  | FREE to attend, register now

Active Mass Dampers for Next Generation Sustainable Floor Structures

In multi-storey buildings, floors contribute about 60% of their total mass. As much as half of this material is wasted as a result of over-specification in floor structural design to manage risks due to unknown loads and structural behaviour. The main driver in this wasteful over-design is not safety (against collapse) but serviceability, chiefly avoiding excessive floor vibrations in normal […]

More details
Paul ReynoldsPaul Reynolds CEO
FSD Active Ltd
10:30 -  10:40  | FREE to attend, register now

Closing the carbon measurement accuracy gap

Over 90% of businesses fail to measure their full carbon emissions (BCG). Inaccurate or incomplete emissions measurements will not only prevent your businesses from meeting climate targets – they also leave you exposed to risks like legal non-compliance and allegations of greenwashing. In this presentation, Normative will explain how accurate and comprehensive carbon accounting can enable your business to become […]

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Jordan CollinsJordan Collins SDR Manager, EMEA
10:40 -  10:50  | FREE to attend, register now

EcoSync & Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford produce heating savings of 45%

EcoSync introduced our solution into an accommodation building at 68 Banbury Rd Oxford and compared to next door 70 Banbury Rd – which is identical and didn’t have our solution. The customer compared the gas bills and found significant savings of both energy and carbon, all due to our solution. Stop heating empty rooms with EcoSync – simple to understand, install […]

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John WalshJohn Walsh Sales Director
11:00 -  11:50  | FREE to attend, register now

What’s the role of Gas in the UK energy transition?

The new Government has renewed its commitment to net zero and progress is continuing apace in reforms for power sector decarbonisation and to somewhat of a lesser extent, to decarbonise our heating through electrification, hydrogen and zero carbon heat networks. However the energy crisis is also seeing the re-introduction of effectively a Strategic Reserve of coal plants and some of […]

More details
Andy Cooper UK Sales Manager Clarke EnergyAndy Cooper UK Sales Manager
Clarke Energy
Caroline Bragg Head of Policy
Fei Zheng, Energy Capital Projects Manager at Islington CouncilFei Zheng Energy Capital Projects Manager
Islington Council
Gary Collins,Regional Sales Manager - UK AB ENERGY UK LtdGary Collins Sales Manager
Edina UK Ltd
Joel Hamilton, Heat Network Specialist (HNDU)Heat Network Specialist (HNDU) at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)Joel Hamilton Heat Network Specialist (HNDU)
12:00 -  12:25  | FREE to attend, register now

Achieving carbon neutrality – Carbon Offset Guide

Carbon neutrality refers to achieving a net carbon footprint of zero. Carbon offset credits are the primary tool for achieving such reductions. However, carbon offsetting should be only considered when all other approaches/routes to reduce carbon emissions have been exhausted. This may include which may include consumption reduction technologies, behavioural programmes, green procurement strategies, and renewable technologies. However, it is […]

More details
Lord Rupert RedesdaleLord Rupert Redesdale Chair
EMEX Conference
Mike TournierMike Tournier Carbon Reduction SME
12:30 -  12:55  | FREE to attend, register now

How to meet energy and carbon goals through collaboration and stakeholder engagement

The session will explore how ABB and Severn Trent work together to identify energy saving opportunities, justify investment and verify effectiveness of projects. An introduction into how this relationship works and details of a particular case study will be shared along with information about initiatives to encourage industry wide collaboration on energy efficiency.

More details
Martin RichardsonMartin Richardson Water Framework Manager
13:00 -  13:25  | FREE to attend, register now

How does ESOS fit in your Net Zero Journey

It has been argued that ESOS delivers little value to participants and in many ways is seen as a necessary evil. Phase 3 is different. Why? Because not only will it help to combat the impacts of the energy crisis but it could also act as an organisation’s first step on its Net Zero journey and this presentation will explain […]

More details
George Richards, Director at JRP SolutionsGeorge Richards Director
JRP Solutions
13:30 -  13:55  | FREE to attend, register now

Digital Integration of HVAC Systems to Deliver Sustainable Outcomes

Johnson Controls HVAC expert, Mohamed Ashok, will uncover why Heat-pumps: the challenges and reasons to move from combustion fuel to decarbonise and sustainable energy. He will discuss Heat-pump applications, methods and designs in theory. Looking at how to maximise building efficiency with the application of real-world energy savings through digital transformation and artificial learning.

More details
Mohamed AshokMohamed Ashok Sales Engineer – HVAC
Johnson Controls
14:00 -  14:25  | FREE to attend, register now

Greater Manchester Local Energy Market

Greater Manchester has begun work on ambitious plans to revolutionise energy networks across the city-region, supporting a lower carbon future and our goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2038. The proposals for a local energy market (LEM) would see Greater Manchester’s 10 boroughs draw up plans to increase energy efficiency and pave the way for new technologies and low-carbon infrastructure […]

More details
SilouhetteCraig Morley Energy Manager
Sean Owen, Head of Low Carbon at Greater Manchester Combined AuthoritySean Owen Head of Low Carbon
Greater Manchester Combined Authority
14:30 -  14:55  | FREE to attend, register now

Putting Renewable Energy On The Curriculum: How Coventry City Council Created Solar-Powered Schools

Coventry City Council embraced solar as part of an ambitious plan to generate 15% of its energy use from renewable sources. Learn how it overcame financial and non-financial challenges to install solar systems on six schools, as part of a larger project to transform 41 municipal buildings. This Q&A presentation will guide you through the key stages of the schools […]

More details
Christelle Barnes, UK Country Manager, SolarEdge TechnologiesChristelle Barnes UK Country Manager
SolarEdge Technologies
Lowell Lewis, SHEQ Manager, Coventry City CouncilLowell Lewis SHEQ Manager
Coventry City Council
15:00 -  15:25  | FREE to attend, register now

Local Authorities Supporting the Energy Transition – The West Sussex Story

In the past decade, WSCC has almost halved its carbon emissions and dramatically increased the amount of renewable energy it generates. It now produces more clean electricity than it consumes in delivering its core activities, excluding schools. This has been achieved through an ambitious programme to build solar farms on council land, integrate renewable energy technology into council buildings and […]

More details
Daire Casey - Energy Services Manager, West Sussex County CouncilDaire Casey Energy Services Manager
West Sussex County Council

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