EMEX Topical Conference Theatres

Grapple with the Net Zero agenda, low carbon and energy management strategies in a meaningful way with more than 100 leading practitioners and experts; over 50 seminars across 4 topical theatres.

EMEX is a very efficient way of reviewing your best practices and initiatives with other businesses, identify areas of improvement and source new ideas.

All our sessions are open for you to drop in at your convenience on either one or both days of the event.

4 Topical Theatres

Theatre 1

EMEX Theatre 1 - Energy & Carbon Management Strategy

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Energy & Carbon Management Strategy →

Skills & Training | Business Cases | Best Practices

The role of energy and carbon mangers is becoming more strategic with skills expanding into stakeholder engagement and investment. The theatre covers a vast range of topics that will ensure your business is fully compliant whilst improving energy efficiency, cutting carbon emissions and saving money.

2022 speakers include:

Andrew Baker, Woodland Carbon Markets Advisor at Scottish Forestry
UK Woodland Carbon Markets Advisor
Scottish Forestry
Jordan Collins
SDR Manager, EMEA
Lord Larry Whitty
Member of the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments
Maria Carvalho, Head of Climate Economics and Data at Natwest Group
Head of Climate Economics and Data
NatWest Group

Theatre 2

EMEX Theatre 2 - Net Zero & Sustainability

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Sustainability & Net Zero →

Strategies | Supply Chain Emissions | Transformational Change | Adaptation

Learn about effective techniques and opportunities for change from leading professionals across various sectors creating our low carbon sustainable future. It Explore a range of common challenges, work themes, opportunities visions and strategies, from company reporting to climate change adaptation.

2022 speakers include:

Tom Maidment, Group Product Sustainability Senior Manager at Hilton Foods
Group Product Sustainability Senior Manager
Hilton Foods
Sonya Bhonsle is the Global Head of Value Chains & Regional Director Corporations at CDP.
Global Head of Value Chains & Regional Director Corporations
Nicholas Bevan
European Communications & Sustainability Manager
Baker & Baker (UK)
John Dora, Director, Technical Lead at Climate Sense
Director, Technical lead
Climate Sense

Theatre 3

EMEX Theatre 3 - Built Environment and Transport

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Built Environment and Transport →

Low Carbon Retrofit | EV & Charging Infrastructure | Case Studies

This theatre explores the challenges thrown up by modern business practices and presents a vast array of solutions. It also showcases new tools, and innovative technologies available in other fields and explains their relevance to the Net Zero agenda.

2022 speakers include:

Emma Kent Construction Director Metropolitan Police Service
Construction Director
Metropolitan Police Service
Daniel Coakley, Sustainability Manager, Lloyds Banking Group
Sustainability Manager
Lloyds Banking Group
Paul Lynch Head of Net Zero | Utilities Management, VINCI Facilities
Head of Energy & Water Management
VINCI Facilities
Deryck Woofdord
Business Development Manager
The Energy Savers

Theatre 4

EMEX Theatre 4 - ergy Future & Flexible Networks

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Energy Future & Flexible Networks →

Renewables  | Battery Storage | Demand Side Response | Security of Supply

This theatre explores the challenges of balancing energy demand with supply while reducing costs and meeting carbon emissions targets. Grid modernisation is required to meet energy supply while disruptive technologies are empowering users to generate and store energy from renewable sources as well as participate in the flexible networks.

2022 speakers include:

Kieron Stopforth
Origination Manager
Octopus Energy
Tom Parrott, Sustainability Manager at Sky
Sustainability Manager
Hannah Bond
Energy Manager
Travis Perkins
Energy Manager

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