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Wednesday 21st November 2018

How to Achieve Significant Energy Savings in Legacy HVAC Equipment

10:20  -  10:50

The presentation looks at key areas of energy consumption within commercial buildings, and using case studies for a number of different sites will demonstrate energy savings and reduced carbon emissions achieved by upgrading both the fans and controls in buildings HVAC equipment.

Tony WrightTony Wright Divisional Director Upgrade Market
ebm-papst UK

Energy Solutions in Action

10:20  -  10:50

Vincent will be covering EDF Energy’s energy solutions capabilities and successes as we strive to lower our carbon, achieve our climate targets and adapt to a more circular energy landscape.

Vincent-de-RulVincent de Rul Director of Energy Solutions
EDF Energy

New Guidance & Standards for Climate Change Adaptation

10:30  -  11:15

Climate change increasingly calls us to understand the impacts of the changing climate on our businesses, projects and operations. UK experts are leading the global effort to standardise approaches for organisations and projects to adapt to these changing conditions and to increase their own climate resilience. John Dora, Convenor of the first framework International Standard on adaptation, ISO 14090, provides […]

john doraJohn Dora ISO Global Lead
Maria Pooley Mott MacDonaldMaria Pooley Principal Consultant, Climate Change
Mott MacDonald

How Realistic is it to Expect Energy Security in a Historic Estate

10:30  -  11:00

“Energy security, the uninterrupted availability of energy sources at an affordable price” (IEA 2018). The International Energy Agency’s detailed definition of energy security is through two different concepts. The first of these is the long-term security through strategic investment at a national and network level. The second is through the short-term ability of energy systems to react to sudden changes […]

Gillian BrownGillian Brown Energy Manager
University of Glasgow

Knock Knock. Who’s there? ESOS Phase 2

11:00  -  11:45

The panel of registered ESOS Lead Assessors will present their experience from ESOS Phase 1 and share their views on how is ESOS received by the organisations. The panel will also discuss how organisations should prepare for ESOS Phase 2 which has a deadline on 5 December 2019.

Claire ScottClaire Scott Environmental Business Advisor
GC Business Growth Hub
Katie ElmerKatie Elmer Senior Sustainability Consultant
Carbon Footprint Ltd
Mike Denbigh - EAMike Denbigh Senior Technical Advisor
Environment Agency
Vincent LaneVincent Lane Sustainability Engineer
FDT Consulting Engineers & Project Managers Ltd

Water and Energy Auditing Techniques – practical examples

11:10  -  11:50

Auditing is a valuable skill set to enable the identification of how electricity, gas and water is used within buildings and to allow the identification of opportunities to reduce use in a sustainable manner. This session focuses on some basic auditing techniques that can be used in most buildings and processes for electricity, gas and water use and offer attendees […]

Mark TaylorMark Taylor Energy and Carbon Consultant
Taylor Made Energy Solutions Ltd

Breaking new ground – Farming and forestry providing new opportunities for Climate Action

11:30  -  12:15

No longer a poor relation, Farming, Forestry, Land use and Land use change are increasingly recognised, as essential in reducing carbon and GHG emissions. NFU Chief Adviser, Jonathan Scurlock will overview the potential, outlining progress, key trends, developments and opportunities, including bio-energy and renewable technologies. Head of Economics for the Forestry Commission, Pat Snowdon will present progress and developments behind […]

Jonathan ScurlockJonathan Scurlock Chief Adviser, Renewable Energy and Climate Change
National Farmers' Union (NFU)
Pat SnowdonPat Snowdon Head of economics and climate change
Forestry Commission

Guidance on the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting

12:10  -  13:00

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR), the proposed carbon reporting scheme is set to replace the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), and its anticipated start date of April 2019 is approaching. This session offers guidance on how organisations can prepare, what will be the qualifying criteria and how the new reporting framework will benefit the companies.

gary shanahanGary Shanahan Head of Business and Industrial Energy Efficiency, Tax and Reporting
Lord Rupert RedesdaleLord Rupert Redesdale CEO
Energy Managers Association

The Value of Good Performance – How High Performance Buildings Protect the Asset and Increase your Bottom Line

12:20  -  12:50

We have the ability to design good buildings and the knowledge to operate them in an effective and efficient manner – so why doesn’t it happen? We know how to build good performance buildings but the issue seems to be having the design feed through to performance-in-use. This has led to what has been termed the performance gap, which has […]

Debbie HobbsDebbie Hobbs Head of Sustainability, Real Assets
Legal & General Investment Management
Andy LewryDr Andy Lewry Principal Technical Consultant
BREEAM Existing Buildings Team, BRE Global
Emma BushellEmma Bushell Sustainability and Energy Manager
Octavia Housing
Paul LynchPaul Lynch Head of Energy & Water Management
VINCI Facilities

Is your Facilities Management (FM) provider the key to Energy reduction?

13:00  -  13:30

How you maintain and operate your facilities or buildings can have a profound impact on your utility consumption. Working with your FM provider can unlock multiple opportunities, practically and commercially, to identify and implement energy, cost and carbon savings across your portfolio. As a leading provider of FM and Energy services, ENGIE will draw on its experience to share tools […]

Robert Cunliffe EngieRobert Cunliffe Sales and Marketing Director

Practical Approach to Waste Management

13:00  -  13:30

Planning waste management and recycling for all waste generated by an organisation can be a daunting and enormous task which will require logistical planning, knowledge of legislation and a more in-depth understanding in order to balance environmental and economic benefits. This task quite often will fall with the energy manager for the organisation, if there is no sustainability person or […]

Gemma BirleyGemma Birley Director
Green Finch Environmental Consulting
Vassia PaloumbiDr Vassia Paloumbi Sustainability and Energy Management Expert

Appraising the Opportunities for Sustainable Business Travel

13:10  -  13:40

Transport expenditure can be a significant cost burden for many organisations. This session is designed to provide the audience with an overview of transport audits methodologies and tools to ultimately reduce transport cost and to achieve efficiency.

Darren TrotterDarren Trotter Environmental Manager
Ricoh UK

Untangling the Complexity of On-site Electricity Generation

13:20  -  14:00

On-site generation of electricity can be a good way of reducing grid consumption but there are a number of issues common to all technologies when considering installation processes such as the sizing of the generation, suitability for implementation, how and where they are connected into a building’s systems and the grid connection requirements which can all be complex and different […]

Mark TaylorMark Taylor Energy and Carbon Consultant
Taylor Made Energy Solutions Ltd

Opportunities and Challenges of Delivering Electric Vehicle Charging Points

13:40  -  14:20

The Government has set out an ambitious plan to move to electric vehicles. But, is the lack of infrastructure holding things back? The panel discusses the challenges of delivering electric vehicle charging points in practice and how to overcome the challenges and deliver the infrastructure needed.

HusnainHusnain Khan Operations Director
Charge Point Services Ltd
Jane DevlinJane Devlin Energy Strategy Manager
East Hampshire District Council
Julia BlackwellJulia Blackwell Energy Officer
Huntingdonshire District Council
Michelle GillesMichelle Giles Head of Synergy Alliance
IMServ Europe Limited
Richard WillsonRichard Willson Environmental Strategy Manager
Norwich City Council

Empowering Women in Energy Management and Sustainability

13:50  -  14:35

The EMA Empowering Women in Energy Management and Environment Group provides an informal network for women in the energy management, facilities management, sustainability and environmental industries that can assist in supporting career development for professional women, mentor aspiring women to pursue energy management education and careers in the energy management and associated fields. The panellists share their views and experiences […]

Ashley O'NeillAshley O’Neill Energy and Compliance Manager
Gillian BrownGillian Brown Energy Manager
University of Glasgow
Roederer Rose LyneRoederer Rose Lyne Graduate Energy Engineer
University of Aberdeen
Wendi WheelerWendi Wheeler MEI Energy & Carbon Strategy Manager
Network Rail

British Standards for Carbon Management- including PAS 2080 – The world’s first standard for managing infrastructure carbon 

14:00  -  14:45

Insights from leading experts into the main developments in British Standards, including PAS 2080 Carbon Management in Infrastructure as an industry game changer. Speakers with first-hand experience will highlight how this specification (PAS) is helping the sector address key challenges and opportunities for energy and carbon reduction. BSi will provide a briefing on PAS 2080 and other key standards, PAS […]

James Cadman leads Action Sustainability’s UK Consultancy TeamJames Cadman Lead Consultant
Action Sustainability
John KazerJohn Kazer Footprint Certification Manager
Lesley WilsonLesley Wilson Lead Programme Manager

The Battery Storage Revolution

14:10  -  14:50

This session helps you understand the direction the market is taking and how you should plan your future battery policy. Batteries are the hot topic of the moment, but so far few are being installed and commissioned at scale across the sector. This is not only a technology issue but a finance problem as at present it is often difficult […]

john lucasJohn Lucas Market Architect Team Leader
Lord Rupert RedesdaleLord Rupert Redesdale CEO
Energy Managers Association
Timothy HughesDr Timothy Hughes Global Principal Scientist: Batteries
Siemens plc

Heating and Hot Water Refurbishment at St Paul’s Cathedral

14:30  -  14:50

A case study presentation on how upgrading to modular boilers can help with the refurbishment of older buildings. The session focuses on overcoming the challenges of a listed building refurbishment and how St Paul’s Cathedral in London recently saved 40% on their gas consumption with a Hamworthy modular boiler solution.

Sam BoshierSam Boshier Marketing Manager
Hamworthy Heating

In-House Energy Management Training – Back to Basics

14:50  -  15:20

A look at how Bourne Leisure has developed their internal energy management training program. After successfully training 47 candidates and saving the company £2 Million in 2017, the Bourne Leisure Energy Management team continued to promote internal training programme this year to promote best practice through learning and development. Focused on structured skills training, and going back to basics with […]

Patrick CourtneyPatrick Courtney Utilities Management Trainer
Bourne Leisure
sam arjeSam Arje Group Energy and Sustainability Manager
Bourne Leisure

Zero Carbon by 2040

14:55  -  15:15

The Edinburgh University created a Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Options (RELCO) Group to explore the technical and business cases for different pathways to achieve their organisational goal –  Zero Carbon by 2040. As part of this renewable energy review process, the OnGen Expert was successfully used to screen dozens of sites across the 300+ buildings and land in and […]

Christopher Trigg OngenChris Trigg Managing Director
OnGen Ltd

Collaboration is Key – Rolls Royce Attaining Energy and Sustainability Goals Across the Supply Chain

15:00  -  15:30

Corporate energy and sustainability programs today are about a huge transformation to a low-carbon economy. Companies that succeed in these change processes often have an intentional effort to foster knowledge-sharing and collaboration, including processes that empower teams across many geographies and business units/brands and collaborative relationships with various external bodies across the supply chain. Rolls-Royce shares details of its journey […]

Anthony HatfieldAnthony Hatfield Senior Energy Manager
Rolls-Royce plc
Paul Whighton - SchneiderPaul Wrighton Director, North West Europe & Nordics
Schneider Electric, Energy & Sustainability Services

Keynote Presentation by the Committee on Climate Change

15:00  -  15:20

Ten years on from the UK’s Ground-breaking Climate Change Act, what have we achieved? What are the next challenges? Our headline speaker Chris Stark, Chief Executive of the UK’s Committee on Climate Change provides a progress update and ‘change outlook’.

Chris StarkChris Stark Chief Executive
Committee on Climate Change

UK’s Climate Change transition – A progress update and the next challenge?  

15:20  -  15:50

We will hear new change perspectives from the Rapid Transition Alliance and leading Corporate Sustainability professionals. Join us for an intense session of thought leadership and cutting-edge insights for transitioning the UK’s Economy.

andrew simmsAndrew Simms British author and political economist
Phil Cumming Marks & SpencerPhil Cumming Senior Sustainability Manager
Marks and Spencer

The Reduction in the Cost of Heating Hot Water at CBRE

15:20  -  15:40

CBRE installed the CircoSense technology at the Tower of London as a ‘proof of concept’. The device resulted in 32.5% savings on the cost of heating hot water at the site, with a payback period of 2.75 years. In addition, the CircoSense unit reduced the annual carbon emissions by 9.2 tonnes. Since then CBRE have rolled the technology out to […]

Craig McKendrickCraig McKendrick UK Sales Manager
Ian ShawIan Shaw Energy Manager and Head of Technical (Energy) Development

The Importance of Energy Storage in Securing the Supply and Maximising Renewables

15:40  -  16:10

Concerns over the stability of the grid’s supply continue to rise as we move towards a decarbonised future under increasing Governmental pressures and ambitious targets. This includes a magnified importance on renewable generation, which is variable in nature and is being connected to the UK’s energy mix at a quickening pace. The session provides information on the benefits of energy storage technology and the practical applications for businesses of all sizes as […]

A MardapittasDr Alex Mardapittas Chief Executive Officer

CPA helps Strathmore Mineral Water Achieve 30% in Energy Savings

15:45  -  16:05

CPA’s air barriers are designed to create a ‘virtual door’ by generating a waterfall of air over an opening and producing a robust seal.  This environmental separation prevents heat loss and the ingress of dirt and flying insects.  Strathmore; owned by AG Barr, installed their air barrier to help maintain the temperature in the warehouse area, save energy and improve […]

Alan CollinAlan Collin CEO
CPA Engineered Solutions Limited

Thursday 22nd November 2018

How to Succeed in Implementing an Energy Management Strategy

10:20  -  11:00

This session brings together senior energy managers who will discuss the challenges and solutions to a successful implementation of an energy management strategy.

Mike PedleyDr Mike Pedley Independent Consultant
Former Head of Energy at Dwr Cymru Welsh Water
Emily ChapleEmily Chapple Head of EMEA Sustainability Consulting
Scott ArmstrongScott Armstrong Group Head of Energy and Sustainability
Bourne Leisure Ltd

Driving Sustainable Business: Why Generation Z is the key

10:30  -  11:15

Snowflakes? Generation Sensible? Just who are Generation Z and why does it matter to your business that you understand them? Future-proof your business. Join IEMA and Ricoh and a panel of experts to gain insight into GenZ’s values and expectations of the workplace and debate the future of work. It’s changing and it’s time to understand how.

ben kiddBen Kidd Research Programmes Manager, Dpt. Civil and Environmental Engineering
Imperial College London
Emma BuyersEmma Buyers Head of Marketing
Phyllida McNeilePhyllida McNeile Sustainability Consultant
tay bennettTay Bennett Advisory Programme Manager
Ricoh Uk

Energy Performance Contracts: successes and pitfalls

11:00  -  11:50

Despite the growing trend in the use of Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs) in the UK over the last few years, the overall uptake has been slow with approximately 90% of the uptake being by public sector organisations. For energy managers, EPCs offer cost and carbon savings which are guaranteed yet there appear to be many barriers to get the EPCs […]

CostasCostas Panagiotakopoulos Energy Manager
South Western Railway
James PhillipsJames Phillips Partner
Burges Salmon LLP
Rachel Toresen-OwuorRachel Toresen-Owuor Programme Director
Local Partnerships
Robert Baylis CalderdaleRobert Baylis Environmental, Quality and Compliance Manager
Calderdale Council
Vassia PaloumbiDr Vassia Paloumbi Sustainability and Energy Management Expert

ESOS: Reflect, Summarise and Prepare for Phase 2

11:10  -  11:45

The panel of registered ESOS Lead Assessors presents their experience from ESOS Phase 1 and share their views on how is ESOS received by the organisations. The panel also discusses how organisations should prepare for ESOS Phase 2 which has a deadline on 5 December 2019.

Emily ChapleEmily Chapple Head of EMEA Sustainability Consulting
Ernie sheltonErnie Shelton Director
Horizon Power & Energy Ltd
Mike Denbigh - EAMike Denbigh Senior Technical Advisor
Environment Agency

On-Site Renewables in a Post-Subsidy Landscape

11:10  -  11:40

On-site generation can offer a business cost savings and security but their development can be complex and the external environment challenging. With the variability and complexity of energy costs, increasingly onerous environmental standards and declining financial support, what are the options and some potential solutions for energy and property managers? This session helps interested parties to understand how to explore […]

Mike PedleyDr Mike Pedley Independent Consultant
Former Head of Energy at Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

Climate Change & Sustainability Reporting: Core to Business Solutions

11:30  -  12:15

How can Sustainability Reporting and risks support energy and carbon reduction? Jamie Quinn presents on key developments from Engie, a sustainability leader and also with unique innovations in reporting, transparency and governance. Jamie will also cover how social issues can create opportunities for business to develop environmental offerings Dr Tony Rooke, CDP, also presents on climate change & sustainability reporting developments […]

Dr Tony Rooke CDPDr Tony Rooke Technical Director
Jamie Quinn EngieJamie Quinn Corporate Responsibility and Environment Director

How to Develop and Successfully Present Business Cases

12:00  -  12:40

Energy Managers often identify opportunities for energy reduction, however, the work does not stop once an opportunity is identified. The second, and often more important step, is to create a business case that explains to the management team the reasons that the project is beneficial so they can make the necessary funds available. This session provides practical steps for developing […]

Dr Maria Spyrou Energy Efficiency Manager Balfour Beatty KilpatrickDr Maria Spyrou Energy Efficiency Manager
Balfour Beatty Kilpatrick

Climbing the Career Ladder in Energy Management

12:50  -  13:30

The session explores the different paths that lead to a career in energy management and what those who have chosen this awarding career found helpful in their career progression.

Ashley WhichelowAshley Whichelow Utilities Data Analyst
Bourne Leisure Ltd
Caroline HolmanCaroline Holman, FIET, PIEMA, AEMA Senior Manager, Utilities Strategy & Provision
Jaguar Land Rover Limited
Chris BarnesChris Barnes Maintenance & Energy Manager
London South Bank University
Dr Maria Spyrou Energy Efficiency Manager Balfour Beatty KilpatrickDr Maria Spyrou Energy Efficiency Manager
Balfour Beatty Kilpatrick

Foundations of Energy Auditing

13:10  -  13:40

An energy audit is an important tool for identifying energy efficiency potential and measures.  Yet, when it comes to companies outsourcing energy management, energy auditing sits at the top of the outsourcing list. This session offers practical steps and tips on how to deliver energy audits and the basics of how to make sense of the findings.

James KirkwoodJames Kirkwood Energy Projects Officer
Nottingham City Council

Update on the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting

13:30  -  14:00

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR), the proposed carbon reporting scheme is set to replace the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), and its anticipated start date of April 2019 is approaching. This session offers guidance on how organisations can prepare, what will be the qualifying criteria and how the new reporting framework will benefit the companies.

Lord Rupert RedesdaleLord Rupert Redesdale CEO
Energy Managers Association

ISO 50001: The Pros and Cons of the Standard

13:40  -  14:20

2018 sees the release of the latest version of the international standard for Energy Management, ISO 50001. The panel briefly covers the main changes to the standard, but the main focus is on what organisations should take into account when considering the certification.

Amanda Pakes EMEA Product Champion – Energy and GHG British Standards InstitutionAmanda Pakes EMEA Product Champion – Energy and GHG
British Standards Institution
Ben Burggraaf Head of Energy
Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water
Dan FernbankDan Fernbank Energy & Sustainability Manager
University of Reading

Public Sector Energy Storage Investment

13:50  -  14:20

The Your Energy Sussex (YES) programme, part of the West Sussex County Council, is about to complete on the public sector owned solar farm with 4MW battery storage on site. The project is also embarking on a roll-out of a number of standalone and co-located sites with battery storage and will outline how this is being done together with the […]

Daire CaseyDaire Casey Energy and Data Manager
West Sussex County Council
Tom CoatesTom Coates Project Manager
West Sussex County Council

Environmental Management Systems & Auditing for climate change action

14:00  -  14:45

Learn about two essential IEMA developments to help professional’s mainstream climate action. Our new guidance on ISO14001, helps professionals working with any management system to identify the key system opportunities for energy reduction and climate action. In addition, the essential role of auditing and the challenges faced are explored within our latest thought leadership report. The authors of these two […]

Anna-Lisa MillsAnna-Lisa Mills Director
True North Sustainability
Nigel LeehaneNigel Leehane Director
Director of Leehane Environmental Consulting Ltd

The Challenges and Opportunities of Decentralised Energy

14:10  -  14:40

As we transition to a low carbon energy system we are at a crossroads in terms of the costs of providing energy vs the carbon emissions that emanate from that energy. Hear through the drivers of this market and the opportunities that exist within it.

Stephen NewmanStephen Newman Country Head Bid Management OSG UK
E.ON Energy Solutions

Battery Storage as a Solution

14:30  -  15:10

Battery storage is the hot topic in energy management, but so far roll out at scale has failed to happen. The future of storage as a technical solution is proven, but now the economic case needs to be made. This session discusses the innovation that has taken place and the potential income sources that will make batteries economically attractive. Battery […]

A MardapittasDr Alex Mardapittas Chief Executive Officer
Guy BartlettGuy Bartlett Sales Director
Lord Rupert RedesdaleLord Rupert Redesdale CEO
Energy Managers Association

23% Annual Energy Savings on a Distribution Centre Cold Store for a Major Supermarket

14:50  -  15:10

Case Study on how cold store energy savings were identified by a focus on reducing energy by collection and analysis of data.

Anne FlanaganAnne Flanagan MInstR Business Development Manager
Star Technical Solutions

Environmental skills in the workplace

15:00  -  15:45

The session discusses the importance of environmental sustainability competency within the organisational value chain, and the extent to which this influences both operational and strategic risk and opportunity. Practical approaches for identifying and implementing competency programmes will be explored, as will bespoke communication techniques to support the integration of environmental sustainability objectives within a range of organisational departments and levels […]

Colin MalcolmColin Malcolm Technical Director: Environment Management Permitting and Compliance
SLR Consulting
Paul PritchardPaul Pritchard Fellow
Sarah HandleySarah Handley Carbon Neutral Programme Manager
Siemens plc

Leading by Example in the Public Sector

15:10  -  15:40

The role of the public sector leadership in reducing emissions should be key. The presentation focuses on how the public sector, including government, must go further faster, to mobilise action across sectors by setting best practice examples.

John FitzpatrickJohn Fitzpatrick Public Sector Energy Policy
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

Anglian Water Trial – Cambridge

15:15  -  15:35

Anglian Water and Connected Energy worked together on a project to understand how to maximise the potential of renewable energy projects and offer grid services support by integrating E-STOR energy storage systems on sites. Anglian Water’s aim was to make the most of storing energy generated from their renewable sources, like the solar panels they plan to install across the region.  Integrating batteries into these projects would ensure […]

SilouhetteJason Cox Head Of UK Sales
Connected Energy Limited

Independent Energy Audits and Funding

15:20  -  15:50

If your energy bills are too high, take charge of rising costs with an independent energy audit. Whether it’s increased profit or showing your commitment to the planet, businesses stand to benefit from making energy-saving choices. A combination of economic uncertainty, fluctuating gas and electricity prices, legislation, and the increased emphasis on sustainable business practices means energy efficiency has never […]

Ian BurrowIan Burrow National Head of Agriculture and Renewable Energy

Entering Into the Spirit of Energy Saving

15:40  -  16:00

William Grant started his Scottish whiskey distillery in 1887.  Today, this well-known brand has an enviable reputation for the quality of spirits they produce and distribute internationally. Always looking to see how they can improve, they approached Grundfos Pumps to review their energy efficiency. Having undertaken an initial energy check, Grundfos identified several areas where significant savings were possible. Taking […]

Andy Shearer - GrundfosAndy Shearer Director of Sales - Industry
Grundfos Pumps Ltd

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