The UK’s net-zero target: what are the greatest challenges?

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Manfred Rudhart CEO arriva

Dr Manfred Rudhart, Arriva Group’s CEO

Join Dr Manfred Rudhart, Arriva Group’s CEO and Lord Redesdale, EMA’s CEO for the EMEX’s opening session on Wednesday 27th November, 09:45 – 10:15 in the  Best Practice, Career and Training Theatre.

How top business leaders are weighing the risks and opportunities that will emerge as the net-zero transition gathers pace.  Dr Manfred Rudhart and Lord Redesdale will layout the foundation of the greatest challenges ahead for businesses and policy makers.

There is an urgent need for us tackle climate change and sustainability issues, which are amongst the most urgent issues facing business and society.


In terms of mobility, we need to design and build modern and efficient transport networks that provide a viable alternative to private car use and contribute to a significant modal shift to sustainable transport.  This will relieve congestion, reduce emissions and air pollution, and make towns and cities more productive and pleasant places to live and work.


Public transport is already on this journey, whether like Arriva through introducing more electric, hybrid, gas and Euro VI buses across Europe, or by programmes such as Driving Arriva, which supports drivers to be the best they can be while reducing their fuel consumption. We are also now powering most of our UK buildings, depots and maintenance facilities with energy generated from 100% renewable sources. There are other real examples out there across Europe. In the Province of Limburg, Netherlands, where organisations are working together to move to a zero-emissions bus and train network by 2026. In the city of Maastricht, the core public transport network will be fully zero-emission this year.


But to achieve a vision of a more sustainable integrated network that is easy and affordable for the customer to use, we need a holistic approach to planning.  This approach will deliver the greatest sustainability benefits and help avoid unintended perverse effects – such as rural and semi-rural communities being cut off from major transport hubs with fewer options to conveniently access work and vital services.


I believe we can transition to a more sustainable future, if it’s carefully planned, coordinated at a multi-stakeholder level and is capable of being financed. Just as businesses like mine need to do the right thing to address climate change challenges, policy makers too need to do things right.


Collectively we can tackle the big challenges of our day for future generations.


Dr Manfred Rudhart, Arriva Group’s CEO

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