The EMA Magazine I May-June 2018

ROBERT WILLIAMS EMA Board Member & General Manager – Procurement at BT

ROBERT WILLIAMS, EMA Board Member & General Manager – Procurement at BT

Dear readers,

What is an energy management ‘strategy’?

Solving the day to day issues of energy waste highlighted by a BEMS or running a project to install a new high efficiency HVAC system can seem light years away from a grandiose ‘strategy’.

Yet this is what businesses demand; particularly those larger businesses whose scale and complexity needs long term thinking to shape 3–5 year strategies on energy management, linked to the equipment and processes that use that energy.

What can you recall that has changed in the last 3–5 years?

Back before Brexit. Before President Trump. Before CfD and Capacity Market costs started to push up electricity bills. Before IoT, AI and software robotics became part of everyday conversation. 

The world around us is changing faster than we often recall, and strategies have to adapt. Whatever stage you have reached in your career, we all need to keep on growing by knowledge sharing, networking and training to continuously develop our own technical and commercial skills. This keeps us in step with change or perhaps driving it.

When did you last refresh your own 3–5 year training plan?

Although you will need to keep adapting the path you will take towards your end goal, keep your single clear top-level personal objective in focus. Read on, and absorb the knowledge shared in this issue of The EMA Magazine.

And remember that the best way to predict your future is to go and create it!

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