The EMA Magazine I September-October 2019

Mike Pedley

Mike Pedley, Independent Energy Professional

To many people, energy is something seasonal. As autumn arrives, lights and heaters come back into use and energy stories re-emerge in the news; usually price rises and risks of power cuts as winter storms bite. So it came as some surprise to many, including some large organisations, to find power disruption as the number one national news item on a warm August evening.

The news talked about the triggers for the disruption, a gas power station and a wind farm connection, but it was the impact on businesses and their customers that became the real story. The focus moved from what caused the fluctuations in power supply to how businesses coped… or didn’t.

The events underlined that in a future of increased electrification and diverse generation, the need for organisations to be both flexible and resilient has never been higher. Maintaining the quality and quantity of our power network is not just the domain of modellers and a few generators. End users of energy have an increasing role to play. More than ever, organisations need those who can understand their energy dependencies and steer their businesses towards smart solutions.

The EMA is there to help you become that highly effective and responsive energy professional. Its wide range of in-house training courses can help you develop aspects of energy management that are new to you. Through the pages of this magazine, as well as events such as EMEX, keep up to speed with the latest thinking and hear how other energy managers across diverse industry sectors are meeting their challenges.

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