The EMA Magazine I November-December 2019 | EMEX Show Guide

Lord Rupert Redesdale

Lord Redesdale, Chief Executive, EMA

Welcome to EMEX and this year’s last issue of The EMA Magazine for 2019. This year will be remembered for the declaration of a climate Change Emergency, by organisations across the country. Companies are starting to set tough targets on slashing GHG emissions. The only question left is how to meet these ambitious targets. Happily, the job of delivery will fall to you.

EMEX 2019 therefore has been built around a programme that will give you the tools to do the job, from understanding legislation and regulation, in particular SECR and ESOS, to giving practical advice on strategies that work, emerging technologies, such as storage, along with guidance from your peers. Get your FREE badge now and join us at EMEX on 27th and 28th November at ExCeL in London. 

The Government’s goal is Net Zero emissions by 2050, some of the technologies needed, Hydrogen and Carbon Capture and Storage do not exist at scale yet but until they come online, the most important work will be hitting the first 20%.”

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