The EMA Magazine I March-April 2020

Caroline Holman

Caroline Holman, Energy Efficiency Consultant at E&REC and a Member of the EMA Board of Directors

Welcome to the spring edition of The EMA Magazine. In this issue we have a wide range of informative and topical subjects including Science Based Targets (SBTs), procurement and energy management within the National Health Service (NHS).

Once you have absorbed and pontificated over all those acronyms, their meanings and applications, I would suggest moving to an excellent and engaging interview with Kirsty Rice, Environmental Manager at JTI UK on her career in energy management. As with all these interviews, I never tire of relating to the lessons learnt (good and bad) of those who share my passion for resource efficiency but particularly energy. 

Learning from others’ experiences, maintaining a thirst for new and improved knowledge, communicating and collaborating continuously with others facing similar challenges and opportunities, is a life-long and fundamental part of our continuous journey to a society which is an inclusive and sustainable environment for every generation to come.

All the above acronyms do prompt me to reflect on efficiency, waste and targeted improvement. I do sometimes wonder whether those who come up with all these abbreviations have actually pondered this as well. It may well be that these acronyms reduce space on the printed page, but by the time I have found the definition I could probably have completed a far more productive and efficient activity. Well, at the very least reduced my search engine footprint!

However, all levity aside, how do we filter out the ‘vital few’ and target meaningful priorities and actions within our own spheres of influence? There is so much information, science, opinion and alarm in various media about the challenges we all face – depleting finite resources, packaging, emissions, climate change, risk, resilience and mitigation. 

To be honest I do not have a complete, finite or succinct answer. However, what I do know from my own experiences is that knowledge / best-practice sharing, benchmarking and continual-learning are fundamental to business success, efficiency and sustainability.

I hope, as I do, that you find the various and diverse articles, willingly shared by a wide range of energy professionals and EMA members, informative and inspiring – enjoy!


Caroline Holman

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