The EMA Magazine I March-April 2019

Scott Armstrong, Head of Energy and Sustainability, Bourne Leisure

Scott Armstrong, Head of Energy and Sustainability, Bourne Leisure

2019 could be a great year for our profession and for our credibility within our organisations, as energy efficiency becomes a Board agenda item.

For the first time in a long time, I am feeling very optimistic about the importance that organisations will place on energy efficiency and the wider sustainability agenda.

The legislative landscape in 2019 has aligned to put this high on the Board priorities and more importantly, there is a realisation that cost management and changing consumer focus are adding greater importance to this area. It is a time that we, as Energy Managers, should be looking to capitalise on as we drive the right behavioural change across our businesses.

ESOS Phase 2 is now upon us and we are focussed on data reporting and auditing. Using fiscal metering and non-fiscal sub-metering to measure and manage consumption and the effectiveness of technology and behavioural change trials will determine our ESOS commitments. The biggest savings available are still through behavioural change which requires minimal capital to implement. The EMA are running training on behavioural change and accrediting ESOS Lead Assessors as well as auditing techniques. Book onto one of these to improve your skills to support the ESOS process and drive sustainable change.

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR), the new carbon reporting regime, covered in this edition and going live this April, gives greater focus on our roles as company Boards are made responsible for understanding all principal energy efficiency measures their company is adopting. This becomes part of the annual audit process. Support your Boards and use this to increase the profile and the importance of energy management across your operations. Your value in your business is getting greater.

Changing consumer demand is something else that Boards are waking up to. Generation Z, (people born after 1998) who have grown up during an economic downturn, are placing greater importance on social and environmental responsibility. They are demanding that companies and brands with whom they trade reflect these strong values. These are our consumers of the future and will soon make up 25% of the consumer market.

Finally, in January Larry Fink, the CEO of Blackrock, one of the largest global investment companies, stated that within 5 years investors will measure a company’s social, environmental and governmental impact when establishing its worth. The financial message is, therefore, growing more powerful, as if the impact of saving costs by being more efficient wasn’t already strong enough!

This is a great time to be an Energy Management professional, capitalise on it, use the EMA’s resources and build your networks to share best practice. Talk to us if you need support.

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