The EMA Magazine I March-April 2018

Nicky Maclaurin, EMA Board Member & Director at Maclaurin Energy Consulting Ltd

Nicky Maclaurin, EMA Board Member & Director at Maclaurin Energy Consulting Ltd

Welcome to the 12th edition of The EMA Magazine, marking 2 years since its first publication.

The intangible aspects of human behaviour and the lack of predictability that comes with it, really does set this area of energy management apart from other more repeatable activities. And yet, in a world of ever increasing energy costs, behavioural change can be one of the most powerful tools in targeting cost reductions through using less.

This edition touches on behavioural change, which is an interesting area for me as those words often make me feel oddly anxious. I suppose I thrive on analytics, facts, numbers and all things controlled, and behavioural change cannot be bottled or labelled neatly in my mind.

As always, this edition is packed full of articles written by leading industry professionals, and the EMA team have done a superb job putting good content together yet again.

The magazine’s core purpose is to guide, enlighten and assist energy professionals in navigating their way through the complexities and challenges of energy management.

We hope you will enjoy this edition of the magazine, and please get in touch with us with any feedback or if there is anything you would like to see in future editions.

Published 6 times a year, THE EMA MAGAZINE covers news and features related to energy management, sustainability and environment.

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