The EMA Magazine I January-February 2020

Welcome to the first issue of The EMA Magazine in 2020. Last year’s climate change demonstrations and the Government’s commitment to a ‘Net Zero’ emissions target by 2050 brought the importance of energy management to the forefront for many organisations.

We saw organisations declaring climate emergencies, setting ambitious targets and many Boards finally taking notice and questioning their corporate responsibilities and strategies

With this increased interest in our industry, we can only hope that the last year’s actions will make a positive impact on getting approval for your ideas, projects and technologies a little easier and faster. We are always happy to hear from you so please let us know how we can support your work and professional development.

Energy management professionals have been making a difference for their organisations for decades and every role has a different focus. Whether it is procurement, policy, technologies or behaviour change, to meet the Government’s target will require a combination of approaches. The EMA will continue to develop practical training courses in 2020 to upskill energy management professionals in topical subjects at all levels and promote energy management career to new entrants into the industry.

We have devoted the first issue of 2020 to the career in energy management. Whether you are an energy management veteran, at the height of your career, new to the industry or just thinking about entering a career in energy management, we hope that you find something interesting and helpful in this issue.

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