Lower Consumption and Improved Indoor Environment at Gothenburg Central Station

Gothenburg Central Station

During the course of our 8 year relationship, we have supported Jernhusen with offering advice and assistance with regards to their energy reduction targets. As well as advising them in how to make the best use of the thermal storage in their buildings, Ecopilot have been successfully installed in 28 of their qualifying properties, with two more currently being implemented.

The results have been excellent! As a direct result of Ecopilot, Jernhusen have reduced consumption across their entire portfolio by 6%. The average reduction in heating, where Ecopilot has been installed, is 27%.

Challenges and Actions

Jernhusen are the Swedish equivalent of Network Rail and are responsible for the management of numerous properties across Sweden including train stations commercial offices.

Jernhusen have an energy management system and they outsource the daily operation to a service company. Ecopilot works very well in their setup and is like having a person working 24/7 in the building to save energy.

Jernhusen – Gothenburg Central Station

This station is the main traffic hub for all of western Sweden. The central station, Centralhuset and Nils Ericsson terminal form the Gothenburg Travel Centre which has more than 90,000 passengers flow through it daily. The station was originally constructed in the middle of the 19th century and has been successively redeveloped since then.

During 2009 a new control and regulation system was installed in the property as part of a technical modernisation project. In 2014, Kabona was assigned to install Ecopilot to enhance and modernise the five year old control system in order to continuously and automatically optimise the property’s energy consumption.

Jernhusen wanted to lower their energy costs and understood, after many years of successfully using the system, that ecopilot was the most cost efficient way in which to achieve their goals.

Lessons & Results

As a result of the installation, Ecopilot works seamlessly with the existing control system and allows the individual system components to communicate in an effective manner, minimising unnecessary system overlaps. Ecopilot continuously estimates the property’s optimal energy operating mode by taking into account internal user loads, external weather impact and the building’s thermal storage capacity.

The result is a pleasant and improved indoor climate and significantly reduced energy consumption and costs.

Ecopilot provides us with an accurate overview of the current state of the climate and energy consumption, without us having to delve deeper into the system. As well as understanding the current state, we can take comfort in the knowledge that energy reduction and cost saving measures are being implemented automatically by the system, this means we no longer need to action measures based on reactive data, instead these measures are proactively dealt with and we get reports on how much we’ve saved. The reassurance supplied by Ecopilot enables us to focus resources on other tasks.” Eddy Sjögren, Property Manager, Jernhusen

Improved Energy Classification

Gothenburg Central Station now has an F-classification in accordance with the European standard for energy efficient buildings. This corresponds to 180–235 per cent of the new construction requirement for premises. Without Ecopilot’s installation, Gothenburg Central Station would have a G-classification.

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