Submetering Systems & AMR – How to Ensure a Successful Outcome

Bill GysinBy Bill Lysin, Managing Director – Elcomponent Ltd

The equipment to allow the automatic reading of meters of all types and utilities is well understood and continues to improve as technology marches forward, but that doesn’t mean that the implementation of a site-wide or business-wide metering system is necessarily straightforward. In fact, as it becomes theoretically easier to read the meters themselves, building a successful, accurate and effective package can become more difficult. The more data that are delivered, the more important it is that the foundations of the system are sound.

Although the rules of engagement are much the same for all systems – both new build and retrofit, the most challenging are always the retrofits and this is where the presentation will concentrate, but it will remain relevant to all applications.

Like most structures, submetering and AMR packages are as good as their weakest link, and they have many links. Correctly delivered and used they are transformational in their impact on energy and carbon management, but relatively minor errors can have a big impact.

This presentation is aimed at ensuring systems are specified, delivered and utilised to provide fast payback and effective performance well into the future.

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