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Robert Long

Robert Long

Business Development Manager, Second-Life Batteries, Zenobe

Robert is the Business Development Mananger for the Second Life Battery side of Zenobē’s business. Robert has worked at Zenobē for 5 years, initially managing operations on the portfolio of utility scale BESS projects and EV fleet charging infrastructure sites.

As part of Zenobē’s EV Fleet business, it owns the batteries on a fleet of electric buses. Once the battery can no longer deliver the range required for the bus, Zenobē repurposes and integratse them into new systems to be used in alternative applications in a ‘second life’, increasing the environmental and commercial benefits of fleet electrification.

Robert and his team focus on the development of projects where second life batteries can be deployed. A large part of this is managing a fleet of mobile second life battery systems which are used across the events, construction, screen and EV sector to provide clean temporary power in innovative set ups. 


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