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Daniel Kaute

Daniel Kaute

Director Evoralis, Advisor & Consultant, Oxford Startup Strategies
Dr. Daniel A. Kaute is an expert specializing in high-tech commercialization strategy and 
implementation, with a fervent commitment to combating climate change through highimpact projects. 
His career encompasses over two decades of pioneering start-up businesses in the field of 
sustainability. A key player in the hydrogen sector, Dr. Kaute has applied his expertise as an 
advisor and consultant to various companies, covering the spectrum from hydrogen 
generation and storage to its commercial applications. He has been promoting hydrogen as 
a viable energy source for transportation in Scotland.
Until 2019, Dr. Kaute led Silicon Fuel as Executive Chairman. This start-up, a spin-out from 
Oxford University, developed a unique patented solid-state hydrogen technology that could 
play a crucial role in enabling the hydrogen economy. 
Dr. Kaute is a Ph.D. in materials engineering from Cambridge University and an engineering 
double diploma from Ecole Centrale de Paris and the University of Stuttgart. In 2011, he 
founded and led the Oxford and Cambridge Society of Toronto, which has grown to over 
2,000 members, demonstrating his dedication to fostering collaborative networks.
With his extensive experience and a passionate approach to sustainability, Dr. Kaute 
continues to push the transition to cleaner energy, especially in the domain of hydrogenfuelled transportation

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