What’s the role of Gas in the UK energy transition?

Thursday 24th November 2022

Theatre :  Energy & Carbon Management Strategy  Public Sector 

11:00  -  11:50  | Download Show Guide

The new Government has renewed its commitment to net zero and progress is continuing apace in reforms for power sector decarbonisation and to somewhat of a lesser extent, to decarbonise our heating through electrification, hydrogen and zero carbon heat networks. However the energy crisis is also seeing the re-introduction of effectively a Strategic Reserve of coal plants and some of the most extreme spark spreads seen for a long time.

In this context, this panel will ask:

  • What is the role of existing gas assets in the power and heat sectors? Do we need a clearer strategy for their role going forward?
  • What is the role, if any, of new gas assets, including CHP?
  • What will be the different decarbonisation paths of gas generation and how do we prevent stranded assets?
Andy Cooper UK Sales Manager Clarke EnergyAndy Cooper UK Sales Manager
Clarke Energy
Caroline Bragg Head of Policy
Fei Zheng, Energy Capital Projects Manager at Islington CouncilFei Zheng Energy Capital Projects Manager
Islington Council
Gary Collins,Regional Sales Manager - UK AB ENERGY UK LtdGary Collins Sales Manager
Edina UK Ltd
Joel Hamilton, Heat Network Specialist (HNDU)Heat Network Specialist (HNDU) at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)Joel Hamilton Heat Network Specialist (HNDU)

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