Weather data and analytics – Improving the Forecast for Network Operators and Demand Forecasters

Wednesday 27th November 2019
10:30  -  11:00

Theatre :  Flexible Power Zone 


Weather data is a critical component of a E&U business and impacts everything from the price of electricity and the load forecast to the performance of infrastructure and the ability to anticipate and respond to outages.

When using this data seamlessly combined with multiple types of analytical expertise it can drive smarter insights at scale and in real time. When disruptive weather strikes, having access to real-time observations and skillful forecasts is critical  to manage volatile swings in the hourly power market, improve demand predictions, deliver necessary energy and optimise financial performance.

Join The Weather Company, an IBM business, at this exclusive discussion about how you can embrace big data and analytics to help guide your business decisions.

Mark Stephens-Row The Weather Company, an IBM BusinessMark Stephens-Row Meteorologist
The Weather Company, an IBM Business

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