The Battery Storage Revolution

Wednesday 21st November 2018
14:10  -  14:50

Theatre :  Presentation  Renewables, Supply and Storage 


This session helps you understand the direction the market is taking and how you should plan your future battery policy.

Batteries are the hot topic of the moment, but so far few are being installed and commissioned at scale across the sector. This is not only a technology issue but a finance problem as at present it is often difficult to make the financial case. This session will not only focus on how battery technology is developing but also on how changes in the electricity codes could increase the income generated by batteries.

Batteries installed in medium to large sites across the country could be used to balance the local and national grid. The use of batteries to reduce demand at peak has a value that through the balancing mechanism unit (BMU) can be paid to those operating batteries. This new income stream will change the way you use, own and contract batteries.

john lucasJohn Lucas Market Architect Team Leader
Lord Rupert RedesdaleLord Rupert Redesdale CEO
Energy Managers Association
Timothy HughesDr Timothy Hughes Global Principal Scientist: Batteries
Siemens plc

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