Technologies to Solve the Energy Trilemma – Security, Sustainability, and Affordability

Wednesday 23rd November 2022

Theatre :  Energy Future & Flexible Networks 

12:00  -  12:25  | Download Show Guide

The ongoing challenges of the energy transition, compounded by the current energy price crisis and concerns over availability and stability, drives home the importance of businesses seizing control of their energy with a robust management strategy.

While a reliance on gas baseload is one of the primary drivers of the current rapid rise in energy costs, the shift towards more renewable energy within the UK’s energy mix presents its own issues for manufacturers. This includes a steadily increasing risk of power disruption, as aging transmission and distribution networks struggle to cope with a dramatic increase of distributed generation and the inflexible nature of wind and solar. This is also happening at a time when more and more processes are being electrified and growing legislative and consumer pressures to demonstrate clear improvements in sustainability can have tangible effects on your bottom line.

During this presentation, Andrew Donald will highlight the important role technology can play during this transition. These technologies can help insulate from volatile energy costs, bolster sustainability by supporting net zero carbon initiatives, and protect operations to mitigate impacts on productivity caused by power disruption.

You will have heard of these technologies before but let us share with you some real life examples and case studies of these technologies working in the field, and the benefits businesses just like yours and seeing.

Andrew DonaldAndrew Donald Senior Business Development Manager

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