Tackling Scope 3 on the Path to a Net Zero NHS

Thursday 25th November 2021
13:30  -  13:55

Theatre :  Sustainability and Net Zero 


The health and care system in England are responsible for an estimated 4-5% of the country’s carbon footprint so has a major role to play in supporting this. Becoming the world’s first carbon net zero national health system by 2040 will require big changes for the NHS and for NHS Supply Chain.

The NHS Carbon Footprint Plus considers an expanded scope of emissions covering the products procured from its 80000 suppliers. While the NHS does not control these emissions directly it can use its considerable purchasing power to influence change. Before the end of the decade the NHS will no longer purchase from suppliers that do not meet or exceed our commitment to net zero. This will be an essential component of any net zero strategy delivering reductions of 9446 ktCO2e per year when fully realised.

Nicole Fletcher will present on the NHS’s approach to tackling scope 3 emissions in the supply chain from setting out the asks of suppliers to working across the NHS system to change behaviours.

Nicole Fletcher Sustainable Procurement Lead NHS England and NHS ImprovementNicole Fletcher Sustainable Procurement Lead
NHS England and NHS Improvement

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