Project Green Rhino and the Army’s Preparations in the Race to Net Zero

Thursday 25th November 2021

Theatre :  Energy & Carbon Management Strategy  Public Sector 


The Army’s 1 UK Division, headquartered at Imphal Barracks in York recently launched ‘Project Green Rhino’, it’s a portfolio of sustainability initiatives that challenges commanding officers and their military and civilian staff to work together and put environmental sustainability at the heart of unit business.

With over 32,000 personnel, 9 brigades and 89 separate establishments, Green Rhino will be the framework through which the Division can focus its efforts to reach net zero by 2050; it covers behaviours, knowledge and skills, new ways of working, energy conservation, carbon capture, and biodiversity improvement. The flagship Green Rhino site is Duke of Gloucester Barracks, near South Cerney in South Gloucestershire where 29 Regiment Royal Logistic Corps scooped two Sanctuary Awards in 2018 for its sustainability work and won the EMA ‘Energy Management Team of the Year’ in 2017 at the ExCel in London.

Captain Nigel WilliamsCaptain Nigel Williams Safety and Environmental Adviser
Major Peter CornishMajor Peter Cornish Sustainability Lead 1st (UK) Division

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