Planning for Climate Change Adaptation

Wednesday 23rd November 2022

Theatre :  Sustainability and Net Zero 

14:00  -  14:50  | Download Show Guide

The scale of potential future flooding and coastal change is significant. Despite the positive work the Environment Agency and other risk management authorities are already doing, a different philosophy needs to be adopted.

While it will never be possible to prevent all flooding and coastal change, the current approach has been developed responding to previous floods rather than to meet the challenges of climate change. With a change in approach, there is a risk locking future generations into a legacy of increasing challenges.

Traditionally, investment has been targeted at new flood and coastal infrastructure and its subsequent maintenance. While this will remain very important, a wider range of tools for creating climate-resilient places is needed

John Dora, Director, Technical Lead at Climate SenseJohn Dora Director, Technical lead
Climate Sense
Julie FoleyJulie Foley Director of Flood Risk Strategy and National Adaptation
The Environment Agency
Paul SayerPaul Sayers Partner
Sayers and Partners
Professor Richard Dawson,Director of Research, School of Engineering at Newcastle UniversityRichard Dawson Director of Research, School of Engineering
Newcastle University

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