Net-Zero Carbon: What does Good Look like?

Thursday 24th November 2022

Theatre :  Built Environment and Transport  Public Sector 

14:30  -  14:55  | Download Show Guide

Whilst getting the strategy right is a significant challenge, making sure buildings actually perform effectively once built is another!

Through an innovative collaboration between Dorset Council and a private controls house, an award winning App has been developed to help schools effectively manage their heating by giving local control, via a mobile phone,  to key staff without the need to step into a plant room and decipher a BMS interface!

The session will explore:

  • the challenges facing the public sector to deliver zero carbon, including how traditional models may inadvertently set complementary strategies at odds with one another, often competing for prioritisation.
  • why carbon zero targets should be prevalent in every strategy and every scheme, and why it should influence decision making at all levels.
  • the fitness of the existing financial models to delivering zero carbon buildings
  • how technical innovation is supporting the journey
Alex Gee, Operations Director - NPS Peterborough, Norse GroupAlex Gee Operations Director
NPS Peterborough, Norse Group
Fiona FanningFiona Fanning Executive Director
Steve RufusSteve Rufus SPACES President | Lead Manager -Building Design & Delivery Assets & Property
Dorset Council

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