Net Zero, Business Leaders and Consumers Trends

Thursday 25th November 2021

Theatre :  Behaviour Change  Energy & Carbon Management Strategy 

  • Is climate change an important issue for consumers and business leaders?
  • Reaching net zero – awareness, attitudes and tensions?
  • How can professionals activate behaviour change within but also outside their organisation?

Jim Needell to discuss attitudes, trends and tensions – views from the public and business leaders on sustainability and the gap between what people say and what they do, including ethnographic footage to explore blind spots and applications of behavioural science to improve sustainability.

Lucy Shea to discuss

  • how to articulate complex communication internally and externally with 8 principles.
  • psychographics and rules of engagement depending on your audience boards, stake holders, consumers (bricks, golds and greens)
  • how sustainability and energy managers can become agent of change.
Jim Needell – Chief Client Officer, Ipsos MORIJim Needell Chief Client Officer
Ipsos MORI
Lucy Shea, CEO of FuterraLucy Shea CEO

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