Living with V2H- an installer / user reflections on the benefits and savings of vehicle-to-home usages

Thursday 24th November 2022

Theatre :  Built Environment and Transport 

13:00  -  13:25  | Download Show Guide

This addresses a number of factors highlighted within the BEIS current consultation on Review of Electricity Market Arrangements, notably:

  • ‘Rewarding customers whose behaviour benefits the electricity system’
  • ‘change consumption patterns to match supply’

We will explore a real-life installation of vehicle-to-building technologies and how this has facilitated a maximising of on-site generation usage and shifting imported demand to 80% off peak.

This highlights how an evolving electrical energy system can reward customers whose behaviour benefits the electrical system and is applicable for both commercial and domestic installations.

The presentation explores why the equipment was selected, pitfalls, issues and ‘aware-ofs’ during the installation and an analysis of the change of energy use and consumption patterns.

Kames Kearnes SESJames Kearns Principle Technical Manager
Luke Osborne, ECALuke Osborne Energy & Emerging Technologies Solutions Advisor

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