Energy Saving with VSDs in a Digital Age

Thursday 28th November 2019
10:00  -  10:30

Theatre :  Built Environment, Technology and Innovation 


Variable speed drives are celebrating their 50th birthday this year. While the fundamental principle of a VSD remains the same – to regulate the speed of an AC induction motor – unsurprisingly the technology has moved on. So much so that practically every job function with an interest in the energy bill of a company can benefit from a VSD. The financial controller can see immediately the energy saved in money and its impact on the annual energy bill. An energy manager can track kWh and CO2 emissions. And the maintenance teams can receive alarms and alerts to ensure that the drive is fine-tuned to always perform as well as it did on the first day. But it’s not just the drive that has moved on. Digital technology, by way of smart sensors attached to the powertrain, brings even more energy intelligence from the motor and the pump. The energy information can then be presented via dashboards, giving every job function the precise information they need in a format that ensures quick and efficient decisions are made. But there is a challenge. Awareness of this untapped energy technology is low. What does industry need to do to raise awareness?

Attendees will:

  • Discover what a VSD can do for financial controllers, energy managers and maintenance managers and why awareness falls short.
  • Find out how, in half-a-day, and by examining just five applications, a company can discover its energy saving potential and what it means to the above personas.
  • Learn the meaning of digital energy and how smart sensors that can be simply attached to motors, bearings and pumps can help glean unprecedented energy and operating performance information.
  • Get an update on the latest legislation, regulations, directives and standards that currently apply to UK commercial building and industry.
  • And finally, discover the financial savings that all of the above can offer.
Steve Hughes ABBSteve Hughes Digital Lead – Motion

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