Decarbonising Heating and Cooling in University Campuses

Wednesday 24th November 2021
14:30  -  14:55


The University of Reading has set itself a challenging target to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.
This session will focus on the steps the university is taking to develop its heat decarbonisation strategy and how digital modelling tools are being used to inform decision making as the campus heat network transitions from fossil fuels to low carbon heating and cooling.

The session will be chaired and prefaced by Dan Fernbank – Director of Energy & Sustainability at the University of Reading – who will explain the approach the university is taking; its learnings so far; and its planned next steps.

Dan will be joined by Chris Dunham, Director, Carbon Descent; and Chris Davis, UK Country Manager, Hysopt; who will provide an overview of the insights that digital modelling and simulations have delivered to the university as part of this project.

Session take-aways include:

• A best practice approach for universities (and other public sector estates) for development of low carbon heat strategy
• Learnings and insights gained through the use of digital tools, and how the University of Reading is using these to develop its strategy and plan of action going forwards
• Why optimising heating and cooling system performance of existing buildings before applying low carbon technologies can lead to lower investment costs, more favourable operating costs and lower overall carbon emissions;
• The importance of a “whole system” approach – and how to go about it;
• How techno-economic and hydraulic optimisation modeling tools can be used in combination to provide evidence-based strategic decision making and investment decisions;
• How universities can avoid the risk of “technology cul-de-sacs” and stranded assets by creating a clear pathway towards heat decarbonisation on a campus-wide basis

Chris Davis UK Manager HysoptChris Davis UK Manager
Chris Dunham Managing Director at Carbon DescentChris Dunham Managing Director
Carbon Descent
Dan Fernbank Energy & Sustainability Manager University of ReadingDan Fernbank Energy & Sustainability Manager
University of Reading

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