CPA helps Strathmore Mineral Water Achieve 30% in Energy Savings

Wednesday 21st November 2018
15:45  -  16:05

Theatre :  Facilities, Technology and Innovation  Presentation 


CPA’s air barriers are designed to create a ‘virtual door’ by generating a waterfall of air over an opening and producing a robust seal.  This environmental separation prevents heat loss and the ingress of dirt and flying insects.  Strathmore; owned by AG Barr, installed their air barrier to help maintain the temperature in the warehouse area, save energy and improve staff comfort.

After installing the CPA air barrier, Strathmore immediately turned off two 22kW radiant gas heaters whilst maintaining ambient comfort levels. They closely monitor their gas usage with their main KPI being their total kWh per tonne of product. Comparing like for like periods, energy analysis confirmed a reduction in gas use of 3,000 kWh per week, a saving of 30%. The CPA air barrier has helped this national brand to make year on year savings and save over £41,000 in energy costs.

Alan CollinAlan Collin CEO
CPA Engineered Solutions Limited

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