Changing human behaviours in energy consumption with science and space launches

Wednesday 23rd November 2022

Theatre :  Energy Future & Flexible Networks 

16:20  -  16:30

The path to Net Zero comes with many challenges and for many industries technology, processes and best practices still need to be created or rewritten to get there.

Technology is widely accepted as a key driver to allowing us to continue living on this planet in a way that resembles what we know today. But technology alone does not get us there. We need to drastically change the way we interact with energy, resources, buildings and the outside world to name a few.

To successfully influence and change behaviours, small calculated steps must be implemented in stages. Small changes that guide our decisions to choose carbon reduction over speed, ease or convenience. Subliminal but powerful. The kind of change that you might want to shout about from the ISS…

In this presentation, learn :

  • How technology and changing human behaviours are so important together in achieving net-zero
  • How much wasted energy is ready to be eliminated from the built environment
  • Examples of how this has already been achieved
  • How a clean-tech start-up is involved in a high profile space launch
Adam WrightAdam Wright Head of Commercial

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