Active Mass Dampers for Next Generation Sustainable Floor Structures

Thursday 24th November 2022

Theatre :  Energy & Carbon Management Strategy 

10:20  -  10:30  | Download Show Guide

In multi-storey buildings, floors contribute about 60% of their total mass. As much as half of this material is wasted as a result of over-specification in floor structural design to manage risks due to unknown loads and structural behaviour. The main driver in this wasteful over-design is not safety (against collapse) but serviceability, chiefly avoiding excessive floor vibrations in normal daily use due to people just walking around.

Active mass dampers work like active noise cancelling headphones for floors, continually sensing floor vibrations and then generating forces that cancel them out. This technology can significantly enhance the efficiency of modern floor design, reducing embodied carbon and contributing to Net Zero construction objectives.

Paul ReynoldsPaul Reynolds CEO
FSD Active Ltd

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