Retail Refrigeration Energy Efficiency


A large proportion of energy costs can be attributed to retail and commercial refrigeration. Improving the efficiency of these units, can provide significant savings.

Retail food outlets in the UK are responsible for around 3% of total electrical energy consumption and 1% of total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, with major retail food outlets alone responsible for around four million tonnes (Mt) of CO2e annually.

The proportion of electricity used by commercial and retail refrigeration equipment is significant for most end users. Examples2 include:

  • Around 50% of the electricity consumption of supermarkets.
  • Around 70% or more of the electricity consumption of smaller shops.
  • Around 90% of the electricity consumption of cold store operators.
  • Around 30% of the electricity consumption of pubs and clubs.

There is often a large variation in the energy consumption of refrigeration equipment. For many of the ECA categories, the most energy efficient products listed use at least 30% less energy than the less efficient, unlisted products.

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