QinetiQ and Amey partnership achieves a 9% cost saving by monitoring and targeting


The company needed a solution to monitor energy usage and target energy efficiencies across the Malvern site. An energy monitoring and targeting system (M&T) was considered.

QinetiQ is Europe’s largest research organisation employing some 9000 staff across 43 sites. Amey is principle facility management subcontractor to QinetiQ, and is responsible for delivering a range of services. Significant amongst these is site maintenance and energy management.

Malvern Technology Centre is a key QinetiQ site in the UK. Energy Manager Jim Edwards is Amey’s representative based at Malvern. One of his primary roles is to ensure energy efficiency measures are employed across the business park. The site consists of approximately 40 buildings varying significantly with age. The site’s total energy consumption amounts to approximately £1.2 million with 70% of this figure being electricity cost.

Privatisation and new legislative requirements meant that Jim would have to monitor site’s energy usage and spend going forward. This was intended to ensure better energy efficiency across the estate, but it would mean that QinetiQ’s business park tenants would have greater visibility of their utility costs, and could be billed more accurately for their utility usage.

Challenges and Actions

The company needed a solution that would enable Jim Edwards to monitor energy usage and target energy efficiencies across the Malvern site. This energy monitoring and targeting system (M&T) needed to meet some key objectives:

  • To effectively monitor site energy use for cost apportionment and tenant billing.
  • To be an effective reporting tool that highlight where energy efficiencies can be made.
  • To be a scalable solution that can meet QinetiQ evolving requirements.
  • To be delivered by a professional team dedicated to meeting QinetiQ needs.

After careful consideration, QinetiQ selected Sigma – a leading energy monitoring and targeting software product – provided by TEAM who have over 25 years of experience in energy management solutions.

Data Collection

With TEAM Sigma software installed Jim Edwards is better placed to monitor and analyse the data he collects across the estate. The Sigma HF software module can utilise high frequency or interval data from metering systems, Building Energy management System (BEMS) or data loggers to automatically manage energy use and reduce costs.

Sigma HF interfaces with their Trend BEMS to collect data from meters installed at all sites along with outstations and substations.

The software interfaces with all BEMS systems, data loggers and meters, and uses this information and to create reports and graphs that give a clear picture of their current energy consumption.

The reports are sent to the Estates Office who then determine the energy usage for each building at the Malvern site and create energy bills for building’s tenants

Energy Management

Jim Edwards believes that, “you can control consumption but not the cost”.

As an Energy Manager Jim’s work aims to reduce consumption and therefore costs, at the same time as increasing awareness of energy-saving practices. Sigma HF and the HTML scheduler means Jim also now has the facility to display daily, weekly or monthly profiles of energy usage. An intranet site supported by the HTML scheduler has been set up which displays monthly charts detailing energy usage at Malvern Business Park. Better accessibility and visibility of this information is supporting general education about improving energy efficiency.

In addition, an Energy Forum has been set up where Jim is able to provide advice on the current energy usage and ways to reduce cost. He has also worked with individual building occupants, giving them visibility of their usage. As a result, consumption levels have been reduced dramatically.

Lessons & Results

Examples of savings made include:

  • 18% savings in costs by adjustment of air conditioning controls.
  • £1200 a month saved on water usage.
  • 40% saved on water over 3 years through identification of leaks.

Significant Benefits

QinetiQ, Amey and TEAM have developed a solid working relationship. TEAM Sigma software is a core tool in the companies’ energy management practice.

Since introducing TEAM software, it is estimated that monitoring and targeting has produced a 9% saving in total energy cost. This equates to over £100,000 per year.

The use of TEAM’s software has led to other significant benefits:

  • A smooth transition to taking a more pro-active approach to energy management Illustrative reports better support energy awareness campaigns
  • Energy Efficiency Accreditation

Looking to the Future

QinetiQ are looking to continually evolve with the changing requirements of the industry. TEAM is continually working alongside QinetiQ and Amey to ensure all efforts are made to drive down consumption and energy costs.

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