NHS Tayside recognised the opportunity to reduce operating costs by preventing boiler dry cycling.



Sabien Technology was commissioned by NHS Tayside to verify the cost savings delivered by Sabien’s M2G boiler load optimisation controls at the Kings Cross Hospital.  Following a detailed measurement and verification project average fuel savings of 7% was delivered with a payba ck of 1.8 years.

Challenges & Actions

NHS Tayside’s governance includes a total of 22 major and community hospitals, including the University of Dundee’s Medical School attached to the regions flagship institute, Ninewells Hospital in Dundee. It also includes over 75 GP surgeries and a variety of health centres staffed by over 30,000 employees of the health region.

Delivering cost savings is a key area of focus for NHS Tayside,” recalled NHS Tayside’s Energy Co-ordinator, John Ruddy. “Reducing heating costs is always paramount due to the high heating demand within the healthcare sector. We decided to verify what savings M2G could deliver and we are pleased with the outcome.

There are additional benefits over and above the cost savings. The installation has no impact on clinical practices – enabling all areas of the hospital to be functioning as business as usual, whilst the installations are being completed.

Furthermore, with a varied building stock,boiler plant and Building Management System across the estate, M2G can be deployed regardless ensuring estate wide savings are captured,” he continued.

Lessons & Results

The Measurement and Verification project involved M2G being installed on: Hamworthy Wessex 200HE, Hoval Ultragas 500 and Hamworthy Purewell Classic boilers. Sabien’s M1G was also installed to the hospitals direct fired hot water heaters. Energy consumption was then measured, compared to previous consumption using Degree Day data to allow for weather variation.

In addition to the 7% reduction in boiler gas consumption, the project will reduce CO2 emissions by 45 tonnes per annum from Kings Cross Hospital.

What is M2G?

M2G improves the energy efficiency of commercial boiler plant by optimising each individual boiler, delivering real time analysis and control to reduce energy costs. By measuring the flow and return of each boiler every second and analysing this data every 10 seconds. M2G can instantly identify and distinguish dry cycling and a genuine heating demand. Dry cycling is a common inefficiency found in boiler rooms and is well known within the industry but largely ignored. M2G works alongside the existing controls and strategies such as sequencing, weather compensation and demand based control. M2G is widely recognised as a key initiative to reduce energy costs for many Private and Public sector organisations.

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