New LED lighting system delivers significant energy savings for Cheshire primary school

Vickers School Project


When the North Cheshire Jewish Primary School in Cheadle decided to upgrade its lighting system, it turned to Vickers – Manchester’s leading supplier of bespoke energy saving lighting and lighting systems. The subsequent installation of a new LED system not only transformed the school’s key learning areas into bright and vibrant environments; it helped achieve substantial energy savings too.

Challenges and Actions

After undertaking a comprehensive lighting survey, Vickers designed and developed a bespoke solution that would replace the school’s existing lighting with energy efficient and long-lasting LED’s. In addition to panels, downlights, IP54 round bulkheads and the company’s own Graphene lamps by Symsis – one of the first Graphene lamps available in the UK – a series of battens, IP65 anti-corrosives by Hilclare were specified. Emergency exit signs and bulkheads, and external IP66 bulkheads by Eaton were also included.

In total, 434 LED lamps and luminaires were installed by Vickers; providing a lifespan of around 30,000 to 50,000 hours and luminous efficacy that is superior to incandescent lamps, and significantly better than traditional fluorescent tubes. All work was completed on time and within budget.

Lessons & Results

Typically, the cost savings made by the installation of new energy efficient lighting results in the single biggest reduction in electricity consumption and carbon footprint, and the school was no exception. In its first year alone, it forecast impressive energy savings of £2,863.94, along with savings of 26,036 kWh energy usage, and 14.20 tonnes of CO².

Commenting on this latest project, a spokesperson for the school said:

We are delighted with our new lighting system. Not only do our pupils and staff benefit from optimum lighting levels for learning, the school will now enjoy low maintenance and reduced energy bills for many years to come.”

Chris Pearson, Managing Director at Vickers commented:

We are proud to have been commissioned for this project. Bringing schools up to date with the latest lighting technologies is a delicate balancing act between funding and classroom closure to facilitate low-impact installation. The installation took just over four weeks and was conducted during the summer period to ensure minimum disruption. It’s anticipated that the payback on investment will be in just four years, and by specifying products with up to a five-year guarantee, further savings via a maintenance free system will also be enjoyed.”

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