Managing your Total Energy Cost as an Outcome

Kanishka MisalBy Kanishka Misal, Head of Product – Energy Solutions – Tata Consultancy Services

Many organisations view their energy cost as a sum of their electricity and gas bills. They install energy management systems and energy efficiency products (point solutions) with the hope that they will reduce their spend by 8-10% per annum. In an average business environment, there are between 12-16 different types of adjacent cost heads which are often not factored into the total energy cost. These can invariably cause a creep in the costs, resulting in an increase of 8-10%. While point solution can give a short-term perceived energy reduction, understanding the total cost and working with partners to cap the financial numbers over a 3-year horizon is an effective way to manage one’s energy portfolio.
We at TATA Consultancy Services have managed to cap our total energy spend of close to £50 million per year for the last 3 consecutive years. This is while we have grown by over 20% year on year. During this session we will share with you, the systems, apps, methods and processes we have put into place to manage our portfolio and the portfolio of two of our customers in the UK.

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