Launching our battery storage proposition at EMEX

We were thrilled to sponsor the 2017 Energy management Exhibition at London’s ExCel.

The event was a huge success for us, when we launched our peer-to-peer trading platform, Selectricity. This year we made it our mission to launch something just as powerful… Battery storage.

Harnessing the power of renewables

The wind doesn’t always blow, and the sun doesn’t always shine. This variability has been a key barrier in our journey to a 100% renewable UK.

Battery storage will go a long way in solving this; enabling businesses, and eventually households to harness the power of renewables.

However, until now, battery storage has only made commercial sense on a vast scale.

Solar farm at sunset

Commercially viable for the first time

For the first time, Good Energy have made battery storage accessible to a wider range of businesses; with a unique proposition.

Our Director of Business Sales, Dr. Randall Bowen, presented this on Day One of EMEX, in a seminar entitled: “Making Battery Storage Work for your Business”. His presentation was a huge success, with not a spare seat or extra standing room left in the entire theatre.

What we’re offering is a bespoke, consultative approach to businesses of all sizes; enabling them to match their business values, while also meeting their commercial objectives.

We’ve made battery storage commercially viable for the first time at this scale.

In partnership with the Eden Project

We were delighted to announce our first battery installation is already planned for 2018, working with our wonderful friends, the Eden Project.

Once installed, the Eden Project plans to create an exhibit to show its visitors how the battery works and the environmental and economic benefits it provides.

Eden is already powered by local renewable electricity via Good Energy’s Selectricity platform.

Find more about making battery storage work for your business. Get in touch today.

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