Largest evaporatively cooled office work space in Europe

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Bristol City Council’s new 6,000sqm call centre project involved the refurbishment of a complete floor of a modern office building. The council required a low carbon footprint cooling solution to reflect their environmental and financial objectives.

Bristol City Council Energy Management Unit has the following targets:

  • To reduce the city council’s energy consumption by 10% of the 2003/04 figure by the year 2010.
  • To reduce the carbon emissions of the council by 60% by 2050, recently modified to be a 3% reduction year on year up to 2020.

EcoCooling was the perfect fit and solution for Bristol City Council’s cooling solution as their environmental and financial objects were perfectly suited to the EcoCooling mission Statement:

At EcoCooling it’s our goal to save the UK 1% of its total energy bill.”

Challenges & Actions

A key challenge for the EcoCooling design was to avoid roof and wall penetrations. Additionally, an internal noise level of NC45 was specified.

A cooling requirement of 600kW was fulfilled by 22 top discharge EcoCoolers fitted within the building inside sound attenuated cabinets. Each EcoCooler is thermostatically controlled and linked to extraction to provide a balanced ventilation system.

EcoCoolers contain an inbuilt fan and evaporative cooling pads. The evaporative coolers are designed to be externally mounted and should be used as part of a mechanical ventilation system with a paired extract fan. The standard configuration is downflow, where the air is supplied from the base of the cooler into the area that requires cooling. For this project however, a top discharge was easily installed to meet the project requirements.

Lessons & Results

Bristol Council considered the operating and environmental savings more significant than the loss of floor space for this project. The appeal of reducing their carbon footprint was also a factor in the decision to utilise the EcoCooling products.

This unique installation method has provided the council with the largest evaporatively cooled office space in Europe and is helping them continue to reduce their energy consumption and associated carbon emissions.

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