InterContinental Hotel, Greenwich

InterContinental Hotel Greenwich

Pinnacle Power provide the InterContinental Hotel in Greenwich Peninsula with its entire heating supply, direct from the Peninsula’s district heat network.

The landmark contract – the first for the luxury hotel chain – has proven to be so successful, InterContinental Hotels has since gone on to implement similar arrangements in a number of their new hotels across the UK.

Pinnacle Power is responsible for the design, delivery, operation and customer service of the heating network for the south-east London luxury hotel, InterContinental London – the O2. The hotel required a highly-resilient energy provider that could adhere to strict year-round energy use, with exceptional customer service and maintenance processes. One of the hotel’s biggest concerns was supporting the demands of the conference industry – a big market for the company, having just built Europe’s largest pillar-less conference centre – so they needed a provider that could assure no down-time on the network.

Pinnacle Power was selected to provide heat, having already delivered a state-of-the-art low carbon energy centre for the new Greenwich Peninsula development. Pinnacle Power guarantees 24/7 heat and hot water to the 453-room hotel, including all of its facilities, with no additional maintenance requirements needed. The hotel simply pays to connect to the Peninsula’s district heat network and then pays per unit of heat they use.

By connecting to the network, the hotel does not have the additional cost of installing its own boilers or heat-generating equipment and benefits from additional space in the basement that would have traditionally been taken up by their own boiler equipment. Costs are also saved where standard boiler maintenance is normally required as this is all provided by Pinnacle Power.

We provide all of the heat and take on all of the risk for efficiency and heat loss. We monitor the system and provide all of the maintenance – giving the hotel complete peace of mind.

Pinnacle Power not only designed the complete off-site energy centre, it also provided a backup energy centre – located on top of the building. The roof system was sized to provide hot water demand (1.5MW) and is designed to give further resilience and assurance in the system.

Residents of the new Greenwich Peninsula development also benefit from having the hotel connected to the district heating network. Having such a large base-load heat user on the network helps to increase efficiencies – as this is precisely what the boilers are designed to do – and drives down costs significantly.

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