Ingersoll Rand Prioritises Compressed Air Energy Savings at EMEX 2022

Ingersoll Rand Prioritises Compressed Air Energy Savings at EMEX 2022

Operators in the industrial and process industries are experiencing substantial increases in electricity prices, and at this year’s EMEX exhibition, Ingersoll Rand is showcasing a range of solutions that can help lower compressed air energy consumption and mitigate for further price increases.

 Experts from across the business will be on hand at the show on 23-24 November at ExCel, London, to provide advice on some of the cost-effective means of minimising electricity usage from compressed air, including air audits, leak detection and heat recovery, alongside a range of premium efficiency compressors from the CompAir and Ingersoll Rand brands.

Air Audits

A key means of reducing a compressor’s total lifecycle costs is to ensure it is sized correctly for the application. Over-specifying is unnecessary and can be costly in terms of the initial outlay and any ongoing maintenance. Instead, the compressor’s performance can be improved by sizing it appropriately for the demands placed upon it.

Engineers need to know the maximum and minimum air pressures, and the compressed air flow required by the system. On existing systems, Ingersoll Rand can install a data-logging device, which audits and saves the required data. This data can then be used to select the right compressor for the job, eliminating the risk of under or over specifying, thereby reducing initial capital outlay and maximising performance for the long-term.

Leak Detection

Operators are advised to manage pipework leaks, as air leaks are the leading cause of energy loss in industrial air systems, wasting as much as 20 to 30 per cent of the system’s output. The Carbon Trust reports that a compressed air pipework leak as small as 3mm can cost over £700 in wasted energy.

There are many reasons for leaks in a compressed air system, including shut-off valves and manual condensate valves being left open, as well as leaking hoses, couplings, pipes, flanges and pipe joints.

Ingersoll Rand will be advising on the company’s range of solutions. This includes leak detection surveys, which can identify any problems quickly so remedial action can be taken, through to the installation of flow meters as a reliable means of evaluating compressed air generation and downstream inefficiency costs.

Heat Recovery

Integrated heat recovery is offered as an option on many compressors in the Ingersoll Rand range of solutions. By recycling the heat generated from a compressor, which would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere, businesses can re-purpose this energy to heat water, for space heating, or for application processes in other areas of the installation.

Based on a 160-kW compressor for example, which runs for 6,000 hours per annum, there is the potential to save over 145 kW of energy per hour – to offer payback in as little as four months.

Latest High Efficiency Compressed Air Solutions

Models from the company’s Ultima and E series of compressors will be showcased.  The advanced Ultima compressor operates completely oil-free, with the cooling of components achieved via a closed-water circuit.

Each air end is driven individually by a variable speed, permanent magnet synchronous motor, offering exceptional levels of efficiency versus traditional oil-free technology.

Visit Ingersoll Rand at EMEX 2022 – Stand H5

Experts will be on hand throughout the show on stand number H5.  For further information, please visit

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