Improving Energy Productivity through Energy Efficiency and Renewables for your Portfolio

Helen Troup

Helen Troup, Senior Consultant – Carbon Smart

The trend towards renewable energy nationally and globally is in full flow – and there are significant advantages for individual businesses too. But how can you make best use of these new technologies – and how might your sites need to adapt to optimise renewable energy use? Helen Troup from Carbon Smart will present the latest in renewable energy generation technologies together with strategies for how energy efficiency can further boost their performance and impact for your portfolio.

Helen will consider how existing building fabric impacts renewables performance, and how efficiency measures could be optimally combined with generation to reduce energy consumption, maximise generation, cut carbon emissions, and improve portfolio performance. She will also discuss what pitfalls to avoid and how to present the opportunity internally and externally to secure support. Case studies include retail sites, small businesses, distribution centres and housing association stock.

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