Guides to Multifunctional Solar Car Parks

Technical Guide to Multifunctional Solar Car Parks

This guide provides a brief overview of the technical requirements and considerations for the design and installation of multifunctional elements in a solar car park system, including battery storage and dedicated plug-in electric vehicle (EV) charge-points.


Solar car park systems include a number of key components that require considerable electrical and mechanical design and integration. Solar car parks range in size from a single carport arrangement for one parking space (~2kW generation capacity) to large multi-bay car parks (multi-MW generation capacity) and can be ground or building mounted (e.g. on the top deck of a multi-storey car park).

This guide focuses on commercial and industrial sized systems (typically >50kW) that are connected to the distribution network. Inductive EV charge-points, off-grid systems and other forms of energy storage are not within the scope of this document.

All solar car park systems should be designed and installed by a competent person to current standards, complying with relevant regulations and legislation as highlighted in this document.


This document will be of particular interest to investors and developers of solar car parks and multifunctional solar carport systems. It provides an outline of the key factors to be considered when developing a business case for site selection, the design and development of a multifunctional car park, and is intended to provide an awareness of what needs to be considered to realise a project from planning to delivery.

Solar carports are a relatively new form of solar electricity deployment, and there is little published data on costs. In this document solar carport installation costs are expressed in both £/Wp or £/bay in order to aid communication between solar and construction industries. Revenue streams are expressed in £/kWh or £/bay.


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