GLL – Windrush Leisure Centre improved member experience by 60% whilst delivering savings of over 40%.

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Working with the biggest leisure provider in the UK, we improved member experience by 60% whilst delivering savings of over 40%.

Greenwich Leisure Limited is the largest provider of sports and leisure facilities in the UK and runs over 250 facilities on behalf of local authorities as a sociable charitable enterprise.

The Windrush Leisure Centre is located in the heart of Witney, Oxfordshire and offers a wide range of facilities open to all. Due to its popularity, it is considered a high usage site.


The Kelda installation provided water and water heating savings of 42%; The total usage dropped by 3,364 litres per day which equates to an annual saving of 1,217,652 litres per year.

Through the reduction in water heating via gas boilers and supply and disposal of water as per government supplied figures, 9.76 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions are saved annually – after offsetting any other footprint created by installing Kelda Shower Systems.

The Kelda Technology System also decreased the chances of Legionella spread in this commercial environment by six times, as proven by independent studies and validated by Dr T. Makin, advisor to the Department of Health, UK Government.

Key Facts

1. Shower spray force improved by 60%
2. ROI period under 12 Months
3. Water usage decreased by 42%
4. 1.2 million litres of water saved per year
5. 9.76 tonnes of CO2 emissions saved annually


John Busby, Facilities Manager managed the project and incorporated metering and sub-metering to measure the results of the installation.

In this installation, Kelda control boxes were located in the ceiling void above the shower cubicles. Data was recorded for 22 days prior to the installation of Kelda Technology Shower System and for 22 days post-installation. The showers installed prior to this project were running at 9 litres per minute.

The decision was made to install Kelda Technology Showers with a flow rate of 6 litres per minute which would give an equivalent spray force of 14.4 litres per minute. This would provide a 60% improvement in customer experience. It was noted that customer experience would have still been improved, even if the Kelda Technology Shower System was specified at a flow rate as low as 4 litres per minute.

GLL Feedback

“GLL are always looking forward and exploring new technologies that will help meet our ambitious targets whilst retaining core company values in relation to the customer experience. When contacted by Kelda Technology the message was clearly something that sounded like it would work for us; a consultation, surveys and calculations followed with a proposal that sounded almost too good to be true. The reality was far greater. What was delivered exceeded our expectations; the member experience, savings made, and service provided has been consistent in its excellence of delivering to our values of improving the customer journey and our social obligation to save energy.” John Busby, Facilities Manager.

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