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This theatre is designed to provide an opportunity for those looking to broaden their understanding of DSR and flexibility opportunities to meet with the experts in the field.  A dozen participating DSR and Battery Storage partners of National Grid will each give a presentation (schedule below) and be available to talk with you one on one. It’s your opportunity to find a supplier that talks your language and makes sense for your business.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes can make money, reduce their bills and cut their carbon footprint by getting involved in demand-side flexibility.

This fast-growing market is all about using energy more intelligently. It provides flexibility that enables National Grid to balance Britain’s electricity system cost-effectively, while our energy landscape changes rapidly. If your business has the flexibility to increase, decrease, or shift its electricity use, then the power is in your hands to take full advantage.

Speakers include:

Stephan Marty
General Manager - Energy Storage & International Demand Response
KiWi Power
Stuart Duncan
Flexibility Business Development Manager
Michael Phelan MBA CEO & Co-Founder GridBeyond
CEO & Co-Founder
Mark Meyrick Head of Smart Grids Ecotricity
Head of Smart Grids


Wednesday 21st November 2018

10:30 -  11:00

Lighting up the dark side – what happens when demand response enters wholesale energy markets and the Balancing Mechanism

Flexitricity is a demand response pioneer – we celebrated our tenth operational birthday in June this year. This session will cover why we took the leap and decided to become and energy supplier (hint: it’s all about the Balancing Mechanism – the most important market in flexible energy).

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Dr Alastair MartinDr Alastair Martin Founder and Chief Strategy Officer
11:30 -  12:00

PowerShift – harnessing power from your flexible energy assets

To share our experience of working with businesses on implementing flexible energy solutions and to showcase how our flexibility portal PowerShift is helping businesses get the most out of their energy solutions. We’ll also share case studies on PowerShift in action to help tell the story.

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Chris ReganChris Regan Head of Business Development - Customers
EDF Energy
13:30 -  14:00

Safe, smart and sustainable cities

Today, growth no longer means constant, throw-away consumption. It means moving towards smart, sustainable initiatives that conserve resources and help our communities and economies thrive – healthy, responsible and ready for a bigger, brighter future. However ambitious your vision for your city’s future, we have the expertise to help you make it happen. From reducing emissions to generating your own […]

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Darren Gardner Strategic Account Manager (Public Sector and Smart Cities)
E.ON Energy Solutions
15:00 -  15:30

Finding Flexibility: A Year On

As it has been over a year since the government and National Grid jointly set out their plans to make flexibility markets more accessible, Michael Phelan, GridBeyond Chief Executive, would look at how the energy landscape has changed over that time. He will reflect on the progress being made in enabling broader access to the wholesale market, the convergence of […]

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Michael Phelan MBA CEO & Co-Founder GridBeyondMichael Phelan MBA CEO & Co-Founder

Thursday 22nd November 2018

10:30 -  11:00

DSR – the challenges & opportunities for business

DSR is much discussed by the flexibility industry. But is the effort justified by the returns, and will DSR on its own convince customers to participate? Ecotricity shares experiences and addresses some of the challenges.

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Mark Meyrick Head of Smart Grids EcotricityMark Meyrick Head of Smart Grids
11:30 -  12:00

Embracing battery storage as a key source of flexibility and a new pillar for your energy management strategy

Battery storage is a topic of current interest, but what does it really change for businesses and energy customers? Between myth and reality, Energy Pool will present how energy manager can create new value for their business through behind-the-meter battery storage solution.  Energy Pool will set out the changes in the case for battery storage and set out 4 building […]

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Phil PEARSON, UK Operations managerPhil Pearson UK Operations manager
Energy Pool
13:30 -  14:00

Beyond ‘Flexible Flexibility’ – balancing risk and reward through a fully integrated DSF strategy

In a changing energy market, flexibility tools can help you to mitigate risk and source new value streams.  

More details
Stuart DuncanStuart Duncan Flexibility Business Development Manager
14:30 -  15:00

How to Maximise Revenue with your Storage Asset

Analysis of key trends in the Battery Energy Storage market, and what this means for the business case & operation of your battery system.

More details
Stephan MartyStephan Marty General Manager - Energy Storage & International Demand Response
KiWi Power

2018 Participants in the Flexible Power Zone include:

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Flexitricity is an innovative business energy supplier and a demand response pioneer...

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