FLEETCOR UK and Mina partner to simplify payments for EV charging

Partnership Fleetcor and Mina

FLEETCOR UK has announced their strategic minority investment in Mina, supporting Mina’s growth ambitions for 2021 and beyond, and creating a partnership between Fleetcor and Mina to support even more businesses in their transition to electric vehicles.

The Mina platform integrates with home and work charging points, to accurately capture energy costs and manage EV charging payments. We are the UK’s only charging solution which allows fleet vehicles to be charged at home, resulting in one simple bill for the fleet operator and by removing the payment complexities traditionally associated with expense reclaim and EV charging, our partnership with FLEETCOR UK means we can now immediately provide the Mina solution to thousands of commercial fleet customers transitioning to EV.

“FLEETCOR is in the business of solving and simplifying complex payment and logistics problems for customers of all sizes, industries and locations with innovative products and services. The move to EVs is just the latest business challenge facing commercial fleets,” said Alan King, FLEETCOR Group President, Europe & Australasia. “With EV adoption accelerating across the UK and Europe, Mina’s solution provides an effective and efficient means of tracking charging, simplifying payments and streamlining reimbursement, initially for our UK customers for EV charging needs, regardless of location.”

“By 2025, 75 percent of all EVs will be owned by businesses. For drivers, their homes will be an important location to charge vehicles. Most fleet operators want to support home charging, but are challenged in how best to handle costs and driver reimbursement,” said Ashley Tate, Mina co-founder and CEO. “Our award-winning technology offers businesses the best and simplest solution.”

Meet with Mina and Fleetcor at EMEX 2021

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