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Turntide Technologies

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Reducing the carbon emissions of buildings. Delivering Transport Electrification.

Turntide Technology helps improve energy efficiency in some of the most energy intensive industries: agriculture, the built environment and commercial transport.

We do this by developing and scaling new technologies. Our solutions include smart motors, motor controllers, batteries and battery management systems, pump and fans.

In Europe, our partner is Future Motors. Together our mission is to help organisations take a material step towards their net zero targets by replacing wasteful electric motors in order to create healthy places to live and work, save energy (and money) and ultimately save the planet.

If you want to know what this means in practice, see our Wilko case study and testimonial. You’ve all been into a Wilko, right? Us too! In fact, we’ve been into every single Wilko store, in order to install smart motor technology and reduce electricity consumption by over 60%.

Turntide Wilko Testimonial sub ITA – YouTube

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Turntide Technologies Princessway Eighth Avenue Team Valley GatesheadUK,NE11 0JL https://turntide.com/

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