Powerstar (VIRTUE)

Powerstar (VIRTUE)

VIRTUE, Powerstar’s energy storage solution is an integrated energy management and microgrid solution with smart grid control. It allows for greater control and flexibility of your electricity usage.

As a bespoke solution, Powerstar VIRTUE can deliver a range of benefits including:

  • Reduce your sites electricity consumption from the grid by using its scalable energy storage system capabilities to take your site off grid during peak DUoS and Triad tariffs.
  • Store onsite renewable generation and energy at off-peak times when electricity is cheaper and it would normally be wasted, therefore allowing for the maximising of renewable sources and contributing to the decarbonisation of the local area.
  • Save money by switching to stored power at any time to save, on average, 24% off your electricity bill by minimising network charges and maximise revenues through Demand Side Response (DSR).
  • Eliminate operational risks through the full Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capabilities of the VIRTUE energy storage solution, boosting the energy resilience of your organisation and eliminating costly shutdowns.


  • Stand : Stand D34

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